August 27 2014

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Beyoncé, Obsessed With Balmain…And


“I’m always on,” Beyoncé told us—yes, we blushed—at last night’s Cinema Society screening of her new movie Obsessed. “I pull the pictures and put them in my iMovie and show them to my stylist.” Judging by the star’s recent wardrobe choices, a lot of her viewing time has been spent on the Balmain show. After her much-photographed turn in that bandleader jacket, she went back to the Christophe Decarnin-designed label for yesterday’s red carpet appearance. It’s look 15, in case you want to put it in your iMovie.

Photo: Sherly Rabbani and Josephine Solimene



  1. ilovevince says:

    i think her new movie is going to be great..

  2. Valerio says:

    My first comment is deleted so I keep it ‘decent’ this time. An overrated singer is on How happy we all are, she need an stylist to know how to dress?? What a poor woman it is, if you have style you know how to dress. But it’s more like a hype everyone has a stylist so I do have also on, she probably thinks. Is this flattering for her NO, because she depends to much on her stylist. Let all these socalled celebs choose there own dresses, jeans or whatever and they look more natural then now. Now they act like robots. Thanks for posting this, arriverdeci

  3. anghiari says:

    Valerio…one’s personal taste in pop singers is acceptable, but if you are going to use the term “overrated” then your list is much to short, thus the criticism of Beyonce is specious. Since I don’t know Ms. Knowles, I will go by her and her mother’s public statements. Both stated that she makes the decisions about what she will wear. If she has a stylist, it is her mother, Tina Knowles, who does less and less of that for the now married and fully independent Beyonce. I do think one reaches the level of Beyonce’s fame, you do need someone who knows your style to select clothing items for you to review , just due to the volume of clothes needed for public and professional appearances. You forget Beyonces life does not resembles ours. I suspect on any given day she may make 3 or 4 appearances needing a different outfit for each, including appropriate accessories. I have a personal shopper who selects items for me because she knows my style and preferences, but I have the last say in the dressing room. Beyonce Knowles did not get where she is today letting everybody tell her what to do. Her father and her mother and now her husband are her confidantes, but, methinks the young woman is in full charge of everything she does! Beyonces lifestyle is much larger than you seem to be able to comprehend.

  4. shirjuli says:

    I saw this in the slides of the runway show, but I definately like it the best on her!

  5. VAERNESA says:

    Beyonce looks nice in this dress because the shape of the dress shows her sexy body. However, I dislike this dress.

  6. tr_ro says:

    I like the dress and she looks pretty, but girl needs to loose a few pounds… her legs are too thick!

  7. Valerio says:

    Okay anghiari, you are correct my list is to short if I call BeyoncĂ© overrated, but what do you expect from someone who lifes in Europe and know singers like Amy McDonald, or Duffy and Anouk and even Gabriella Cilmi. They don’t make headlines in gossip magazines or on, they do only their job and that’s performing. And better then Beyonce ever did. I don’t care about her lifestyle, it’s a mess and that’s for sure. I only look to the clothes she wears and that was in the past better then nowadays. And how are you so sure that I can’t compare or comprehend my lifestyle with hers? You don’t even know me, you don’t even know Mrs. Knowles. So keep your comments for yourself and don’t judge someone you don’t know. Grazie, arriverderci

  8. DELAUGHTER says:

    I see the haters are on they job, Valerio.
    Beyonce is far from overated. And this ain’t Europe. Did you read the part that said she pulls the pictures she like and gives them to her stylist. Not everyone is born knowing how to put together a great look for themselves. That true for celebs and common folk alike. Just because you use a stylist or personnal shopper doesn’t mean you can’t. Having been a personnel shopper, I’m pretty sure it probably means that you don’t have time. Anyway I think you are being less that truthful if you look at Beyonce and think for one second she couldn’t style herself and do a great job at it.

  9. Appollonia says:

    I think this dress is a bit too tight and too short. It makes Beyoncé look a bit chav and bigger than her beautiful curvaceous self.

  10. CharlieGirl says:

    She Looks stunning, but the hem line should have been extended a few inches. The length on the sequined bit does not flatter her legs. But she does look dashing. By the way what was Patricia Field thinking???

  11. Appollonia says:

    I’d like to add something. Beyonce is’t an overrated singer at all. I do not like all her songs but I think she’s a great singer. One of the best around these days. She’s very popular in Europe since her days with Destiny’s Child! Every single by as well Destiny’s Child as Beyonce on her own have been (or are) big hits here overseas.

  12. Valerio says:

    Adriana aka Appollonia she’s very populair in Europe. Maybe in the Netherlands but not in France or Italy, yes I have to admit that there are in these countries some fans, but it isn’t a overwhelming crowd. They stick togheter with their socalled local artists. We don’t have to take everything what is coming from the USA, In Europe there are a lot of good singer/songwriters, so scratch Beyonce, but I actually think you wouldn’t dare to do that. Have a happy Queensday and don’t talk about her Destiny’s Child past. Just a little girls band, nothing more or less. Thats my opinion, arriverderci

  13. rockinfashion101 says:

    i think beyonce looks amazing in this dress.
    it fits her shap great.
    And the dress gives her stlye a little pop.
    And i so love this dress…
    its totally rockin…..

  14. mikarandolph says:

    fashion is not just for celebrities. look great, feel great and don’t have to break the bank. Beyonce has style on the red carpet and some casual. But she needs to step up her game when she is doing premiers. same style. glittery gowns, and same make up and hair color. reinvention is key.

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