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Blasblog From Moscow: Where Trends Are Born?


Sartorially speaking, the thing I’ve noticed here is how this city’s chic set really latches on to a trend: I’ve seen so many Balmain shoulders I sometimes think I’m in a game of kinky, high-heeled touch football. And don’t even get me started about the fur chubbies. I mean, I knew that fur would be big here—but it’s, like, really big here. But just when I was convinced that this town took all its cues from Paris, I discovered it might also have the ability to subversively inspire a few trends of its own. Yesterday, a bunch of us piled onto a bus (I totally called the backseat) for a tour of the city, and a very chic thing happened when Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, Byrdie Bell, and Sophia Hesketh tried to get into the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Because Restoin-Roitfeld was in a scandalously tight pair of leggings, Bell’s long hair was down, and Hesketh dared to expose her legs, all three had to nick their friends’ scarves—which naturally happened to be cashmere and from Vuitton or Burberry—and whip their legs and hair into looks that were both orthodox and surprisingly fashion-forward. That’s them outside the church in their layered glory. So the question is: After slap bracelets, will these ladies bring back the sarong? The more I think about it, the more I realize how appropriate a multitasking, two-in-one scarf skirt is for times like these. What’s more, it being mere days before HBO’s Grey Gardens premieres, there couldn’t be a better tribute to Little Edie, whose odd circumstances encouraged her to make convertible skirts of her own.



Photo: Courtesy of Derek Blasberg




  1. daveg1124 says:

    Awesome article… Something you guys might like that we recently posted:

  2. Screengem says:

    Looking at this picture, one thing I can say that will never take hold again is the Russian “babuscka” look. It makes even the fashionable look like characters from the old Soviet Union: potato field peasants on a day trip to the big city.

  3. jessiekthompson says:

    HAHA, great post. I love the Blasblog!

  4. PatrickRu says:

    It not Russian style))) So Moslems put on. Russian not Moslems. At Russian absolutely other scarfs. Do not trust those who names it Russian style.

  5. jessiekthompson says:

    I think the one in the middle is the best. A chic LV Sprouse scarf as a skirt – perfect!

  6. thriftstoredior says:

    I’m sorry, but this is seriously the dumbest, most banal post in dumb, banal ‘blasblog’ history. “Which naturally happened to be cashmere and from Vuitton or Burberry,” yeah naturally because all these women are entitled spoiled, overgrown brats with no sense of reality. Can I ask you a question, Derek? What do you actually do? Like seriously, do you get paid to point out what rich Russian people wear to rich fashion people events (something tells me that in Moscow, no one is wearing Balmain jackets outside of the trunk show or whatever). Because if so, how exactly does one qualify for that job? From this thought provoking writing, obviously only through journalistic rigour and…being an entitled, spoiled overgrown brat. I guess what else should I expect from

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