August 30 2014

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Blasblog: Matching Dresses At Chanel Party


You might think that Jen Brill and Poppy Delevingne, who wore the same Chanel chiffon cocktail frock to the fashion house’s dinner for the Tribeca Film Festival at the Odeon last night, would’ve avoided each other, but we snapped them looking particularly chummy. “I think it’s kind of fun,” said Jen Brill. “It’s not like it looks the same on us.” Delevingne was similarly plucky about it: “She looks much hipper, much more downtown. I look like Audrey Freakin’ Hepburn with this chignon.” Indeed, though they were in the same dress, the results were decidedly different: Delevingne was uptown girl sophistication, while Brill decked hers out with a flannel-trimmed Chanel jacket. So who would Brill have been to Delevingne’s Hepburn? “Someone said Tina Chow, which I’ll take,” Brill offered. “She was iconic.”



Photo: Derek Blasberg




  1. ilovevince says:

    ugh!! i would be so pissed of they even have the same shows that is awful….but one looks better than the other but i would stright go home and changed…

  2. davidanna says:

    Holly! They’re even wearing the same shoes, aren’t they? Eventhough, fab x 2!!

  3. anghiari says:

    Surprised it doesn’t happen more often. And, well gee…I mean who really cares, I mean it isn’t brain surgery.

  4. anghiari says:

    Whoa…do you think they did it on purpose to get their photos in Vogue? Especially wearing the same shoes…hmmm!

  5. Appollonia says:

    No “Freakin’Girl Whoever You Are” you definitely doesn’t look like Audrey Hepburn, you wish!!!

  6. rockinfashion101 says:

    i think that they both look awesome in the dress… but they put their own style to it….and makes them stand out from each other…..which is totally awesome..

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