August 28 2014

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Michelle Obama, By The Book


No one could accuse Mandi Norwood of sloth. Less than 100 days in, her new book Michelle Style: Celebrating the First Lady of Fashion came across our desks today. Maybe, though, the former Mademoiselle editor in chief should’ve waited a few more months. The recent hullabaloo over Oscar de la Renta and Arnold Scaasi’s criticisms of Mrs. Obama’s wardrobe choices might’ve made for a more interesting read.



  1. Emma59 says:

    This is not the right dress to be wearing on the cover of “first lady of fashion”, the dress is too frumpy and businessy. In my eyes, no iconic first lady fashion is seen here. She has done better, but never really as good as people thinks she dresses.

    my fashion blog:

  2. amt369 says:

    I do agree, I think the dress is a bit frumpy and definitely not a cover page dress. The fabric pulls in all the wrong places and she has a really good body but this dress just makes her look weird. The color however I think is a good choice, but year thats about it.

  3. boluxe says:

    The First Lady would look great in

  4. eliesaabfan says:

    Sounds like Mandi Norwood is just trying to make money by writing about Michelle Obama’s “style”. Seriously, it’s way too early to start judging M. Obama’s style because style changes, and will eventually get better… or worse.
    But the picture on the cover… well, that looks better than most of what Michelle Obama has worn in the past. It actually suits her (she doesn’t look good with strapless dresses at all!).

  5. ilovevince says:

    i think its a great dress she looks very nice purple is a great color for her and i like it very much…

  6. designsbynicola says:

    Our First Lady Michelle Obama would look super in the unique beaded jewelry of Designs by Nicola.

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