August 29 2014

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Reintroducing Mike & Chris


Back in December, you may recall, the Internet was crawling with rumors that the L.A.-based label Mike & Chris was going under. Advertisements for a “Mike & Chris Going Out of Business Sale” appeared, and went viral; bloggers whipped up eulogies for the brand; the whole thing had a ring of truth. So how to explain the fact that Mike & Chris has not only managed to check in with a Fall ’09 collection of clothes and shoes, but has seized the moment to reintroduce its range of bags, as well? “We were never going out of business,” declares designer Mike Gonzalez. “Sort of the opposite, in fact—we signed a licensing agreement so that I could spend less time worrying about the production side of things and focus more on the design.” As Gonzalez goes on to explain, the deal resulted in some back-end reshuffling, which in turn begat a big pile of back stock, which was then sold off at the so-called “Going Out of Business” sale (with which Gonzalez himself had nothing to do.) The next thing anyone knew, legions of Mike & Chris fans were lamenting online that they’d never love a leather hoodie again. “It was nice to know that we’d be missed,” offers Gonzalez. And perhaps those fans will have an extra appreciation for the new Mike & Chris collection, which returns the brand to its laid-back roots. Case in point: the relaunched bags, which trade in the tailoring of seasons past for slouchy, seventies-inspired silhouettes. “Those were the kinds of bags I was making when we first started out,” notes Gonzalez. “It was nice to go back to that simplicity. It got a little complicated there, for a while.”

Photo: Courtesy of Mike & Chris



  1. Emma59 says:

    What a cute hurache-like wedge! So wonderful, it would be great with a cute floral summer dress!

  2. qaqaqa123 says:


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