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Sienna And Mischa Brave The Crowds For Matthew Williamson


Hysteria is a common feature at the H&M designer collaboration launches—remember the catfights for the Stella McCartney range? But yesterday’s crowds for Matthew Williamson in London marked a new low, or high, depending on the perspective. The mob was particularly single-minded, grabbing at things indeterminately as they turned the place into a retail mosh pit. What was it for? To eBay later and make a profit? “Forget that. I am going to wear it all,” said customer Jenny Atkinson. “I’ve come all the way from Newcastle for this, and I am getting what I can for me, me mum, and sisters.” That Williamson’s best friend, Sienna “I’m so happy to be here supporting Matthew” Miller, Pixie Geldof, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley were in the crowd didn’t seem to matter to the thousands of fans who had stood in a line that wrapped around Regent Street and snaked four blocks down Oxford Street. “Sorry, I am still in shock at how long the queues were—Sienna and I drove by in a taxi and we just couldn’t believe that all of that was for the collection. It’s mind-blowing,” said the designer. Mischa Barton, wearing his skirt and vest ensemble on her newly coltish figure, was inclined to agree. “I am so glad I have these pieces,” she said. “A couple of people have made offers on them so far, but they’re staying on my back.”

Photo: Courtesy of Matthew Williamson



  1. RUinSTYLE says:

    This will be a real success story! I can’t wait to get my hands on a few gem pieces! And who better to strut around in Mathews new designs than the super stylish fashion icon Sienna Miller!
    Check out my blog about this collaboration on:

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