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The Metal-Embroidered Miniskirt Workout


Blame it on Balmain. Christophe Decarnin has brought bedazzle back to fashion, triggering many a formerly minimalist girl’s lust reflex by swathing his clothes in crystal and chain. Critics have noted that these Balmain collections seem to be designed with ultra-skinny girls in mind; less commented upon is the possibility that a dress beaded top-to-bottom with Swarovski is a diet device on its own. This stuff is heavy! Really, really heavy. And as yet more designers take Decarnin’s cue and get out their own stud guns, etc., it seems plausible to wonder whether the money that’s been going to a gym membership might be better applied to, say, Simone’s metal-embroidered miniskirt (available at Intermix later this spring). The line’s designer, L.A.-based Katie Nehra, has been wearing a sample version of her Fall ’09 skirt that tips the scale at three pounds, which doesn’t sound like much until you’re hoofing up and down stairs in the piece. “Well, I don’t get winded,” she says, “but I’m in pretty good shape.” Cracking wise, Nehra suggests that girls think about their embellished clothes as “like ankle weights, only stylish.” Just please don’t accessorize with running shoes.

Photo: Courtesy of Simone



  1. rockinfashion101 says:

    i love this outfit…
    its so awesome…

  2. Valerio says:

    Hi Maya, I always though that designers almost always design for the more thin or at least ‘normal’ weighted woman. And not for the ones which have Obesitas. So in my view nothing has changed, and I see no problems with it. This embroidered miniskirt is wonderful because of its simplicity, the combination with the T-shirt and leather jacket is so simple, but at the same time very fashionable for the younger woman/girls. And about the running shoes, they fit actually never with whatever designers outfit. It’s a bad taste to wear your Nikes or Pumas or whatever brand togheter with a designers dress, miniskirt etc. Arriverderci

  3. hautecouturegirl24 says:

    I love this outfit, but I could never wear it

  4. veronica123 says:

    OOh, that is one sexy miniskirt. The whole outfit looks gorgeous but I must have that miniskirt!

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