August 27 2014

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The Olsens’ Anti-Fashion Statement


The more Olsen-obsessed members of our staff have noticed a curious phenomenon of late. Are Mary-Kate and Ashley willfully eschewing their fashion icon status? Gone are the teetering Givenchy stilettos, Rick Owens leathers, and endless parade of It bags. In their place: plain-Jane jackets, bootcut jeans, and—most surprisingly—sensible flat shoes. To be fair, the pair still play by the rules at big red-carpet events (Mary-Kate was recently spotted in Balmain), but their once-inspiring off-duty style is no longer. “I dress for myself…I don’t give a second thought to what other people might say,” Mary-Kate has said. We’re all for that, but we can’t quite believe that these girls, who tightly control their public image and are the faces of two successful clothing lines, could be giving up on fashion so easily. Is it possible we’re witnessing the next big trend in the making? Is anti-fashion the next fashion statement?

Photos: TM Olsen/Splash News, Jim Spellman/WireImage



  1. Valerio says:

    I’m sorry to say but I found them already out of fashion years ago. But I better shut my mouth, because there are still a lot of admirers of the twins. On the otherhand I always promote a personal style, so actually they did it all these years and I actually ignored their style as important, while other people found it marvelous. Now they show us how they really are, with the clothes they wear. Just ordinary girls who grew up with to much attention from their fellow Americans despite that I can only love US citizens. Arriverderci

  2. loveismontreal says:

    i think they’ve always dressed for themselves and that’s what made them into fashion icons. They’ve never followed the trends but made their own. Now it happens to be a more relaxed look, and soon everyone will be dressing like that on the streets. Then they’ll switch it up again.

  3. tonyso84 says:

    I think its quite the opposite to what valerio is saying. I think the way that they are dressing is just their current trend. They are ensuring their icon status by playing by their own rules and keeping it fresh. Someone who plays it safe and stays with one look for too long is not a fashion leader. Plus what people should be looking at is the fact that they have been inspired by Lauren Hutton.

  4. ZazaFerrara says:

    the olsens are savvy to the fashion industry – but theyre also growing up. their looks may be more conservative right now – but they should evolve. we all evolve in our fashion identities through life. the look theyve championed is now very streamlined (and they may not want to look like the sloppier coppy-cats of themselves). theyre making it new. its not antifashion. nothing is – or could be.

  5. martinstarr says:

    note: this is ashley… she’s always the tamer dresser

  6. Valerio says:

    You can disagree with me, but I have to admit it’s a fact that the Olsen twins have a great impact on the way American girls/young woman dresses theirself Okay I love the way they are doing business. But as an Italian and above European I’m not so impressed about their trend making or personal style. I can only be jealouse about the money they make, hahaha, with their trends, style or whatever. Nonetheless they are two beautiful young woman, but in my opinion have a lack of taste what fashion is about, I’m really sorry to say this. Arriverderci

  7. andreverde says:

    “is anti-fashion the next fashion statement?”

    but I know for sure I won’t oblige.

  8. msgingerbread says:

    The first pic is Ashley, MK is in the other. Do not speak about that which you do not know.

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