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Yea, Nay, Or Eh: Angie Harmon In Ralph Lauren


It takes guts to sport a look straight from the catwalk. There’s the inevitable who-wore-it-best comparison, and it’s tough to top a willowy Slavic teen. Former mannequin Angie Harmon, who donned look one from Ralph Lauren’s Spring ’09 collection at a book release party in L.A. last night, may have less cause for concern than some, but we ask: Is a head-to-toe runway ensemble the ultimate compliment to a designer, or is it too much of a good thing?

Photo: Donato Sardella / WireImage



  1. shirjuli says:

    She doesn’t look bad, but I think it would have been more origanal and impressive if she’d taken different pieces and worn them her own way.

  2. kerileanne says:

    too much of a good thing…and a little bit lazy. put some creativity, thought and personality into your looks, ladies! not to get all american idol-y but make it your own.

  3. reckless_abandon says:

    Angie rocks it. Who says a willowy slavic teen represents the women who actually buy these clothes – rather see a woman – even if impossibly beautiful and slim as Angie looking more real than the runway. gorgeous

  4. sophierose22 says:

    she looks fantastic, a look that suits her and is a change from all the “same, same” looks on stars recently.

  5. saint007 says:

    i think it’s working for her. i don’t, however, consider her a style maverick..

  6. S_Fentem says:

    was this the opening look from the show?

    it was an incredible collection and she looks great. why shouldn’t one wear an incredible outfit that the runway styled perfectly head to toe?

    though the pants are so trendy (but beautiful) that its uncertain how many seasons of wear she’ll get out of them. if she loves them, though, she should wear them whenever she wants.

  7. menukjau says:

    Another B grade actress, who really cares!

  8. nicolechic says:

    I like the pants with the shoes but the top and the way the belt is slung make her look to matronly. If she would have paired it with a tucked in strapless top with a blazer or cardigan… now that would have been a bit more fresh looking…

  9. alexkallos says:

    Come on, she looks stunning. Punto.
    sometimes u have to give straight compliments if they are deserved.

  10. Sunset040 says:

    I love this look on her.

  11. EWallace says:

    Love it. She looks fab and you can’t go wrong in RL. It’s impossible.

  12. ilovevince says:

    great thing…its looks great…

  13. rockinfashion101 says:

    i think its a compliment…
    its showing the designer that the ensemble rocked…

  14. sby616 says:

    LOVE IT! Wish I could pull something off like this. Its a great representation of the harem pants, because they are so rich and OTT (in a good way). Also because they are styled with a simple top, it doesn’t seem so runway.

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