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Yea, Nay, Or Eh: Audrey Tautou In Chanel Couture


A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous. That’s just one of Coco Chanel’s many long-lived bons mots. Well, we’re going to wager that Mademoiselle Chanel would have been proud of her celluloid stand-in Audrey Tautou’s ensemble at last night’s Paris premiere of Coco Avant Chanel, which easily hit both marks. In the spirit of the legendary designer’s belief in ease, Tautou sported her couture dress—a strapless and bubble-skirted floral number (look 54 from Spring 2009)—with nary a hint of preciousness. She even topped it with a boyish little Chanel black leather jacket, sleeves nattily pushed up. (Hello, what’s more Coco than that?) With her cute cropped hair and minimal makeup, Tautou gets a big oui from us for a pretty perfect off-screen scene, but tell us what you think. Was Tautou perfectly cast ou non?




  1. mira_avril says:

    Je pense que ce Audrey Tautou est parfait pour lui. La robe avec le veston de cuir est vraiment un ensemble agréable. Je suis heureux qu’elle a été choisie.

  2. comptinedete20 says:

    Perfect casting! Audrey has this exquisite ability to create this sort of quite cold, quite stern composure whilst still retaining an incredible warmth and charm… I’m so impatient to see the film.

  3. zkotaeva says:

    Absolutely perfect way to pull off that dress

  4. NotMod says:


  5. mmartinez says:

    Oui, oui, thumbs up for Audrey Tautou!

  6. bevc says:

    i love her…but it looks like she has a boner in that dress.

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