September 2 2014

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Yea, Nay, Or Eh: The Prep School Blazer


Who better than a girl from Connecticut to transform a classic prep staple into a fashion must-have? Seeing Chloë Sevigny in a brass-buttoned blazer at Kiehl’s celebration for the Doe Fund last night reminded me I really have to buy that jacket instead of just talking about it. Our market editor recommends Brooks Brothers’ boys department as a source. Do you have any other suggestions?

Photo: Neil Rasmus / PatrickMcMullan



  1. loveismontreal says:

    yes!! she looks gorgeous

  2. Emma59 says:

    It is a yes. Women can look good in men and womens’ clothes
    (my fashion blog)

  3. achillesadrienne says:

    rag & bone! i got a great one at their sample sale last season.

    if you can, wait till the sample sale because everything was amazingly cheap!

  4. Emma59 says:

    I really do love this outfit, women (as I said before) can wear anything. The two things women do not look good in: mens baggy jeans, and mens baggy shirts, come to think of it, NOTHING BAGGY.
    My fashion blog:

  5. Valerio says:

    Hahaha thats a good one Emma, mens baggy jeans etc. Even the men don’t look good in it, but’s a kind of an hype these days. Why not wear sophisticated clothes? Valentino and also Ralph Lauren and others have enough beautiful suits,or the casuals of Bjorn Borg. Your blog has in its name couture, so I expect from you that you highlighted it. But it’s the opposite in my opinion. But now to the point, yes she looks gorgious, because she knows how the dress herself, or had her stylist some influence in this? Every one can have a bad day (and she had some) but this is a perfect combination for this event. Arriverderci

  6. Splewd says:

    loose the bare legs/bootie thing. And really Balenciaga schoolboy was Last Year.

  7. tr_ro says:

    looks good, not wow though

  8. hautecouturegirl24 says:

    I love the jacket to be honest, I am young so I like to experiment with new things. i.e this is something I would try.

  9. cucumber says:

    I love fashion. I love acting. I love clothes. I like to go to school. I love to do fashion models. Which made and control. Designs. Create. Make. Thank you.

  10. shoshana_vogue says:

    I totally love this outfit/dress the shoes compliments the attire very well and it gives a edgey but elegant look

  11. Jennidorothy says:

    ZACHARY’S SMILE!!!!!!!!!
    (Available at Barney’s Co-op & Zachary’s Smile)