July 22 2014

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Love At First Sight: VPL Box Kite One-Piece


What: Aswimmetric

Why: Bathing suits are a nightmare to shop for, for lots of reasons—that yearly encounter with pale winter flab is no fun, for one, and before you even broach the question of taste, there’s the tricky matter of support and coverage to be considered. In a word: bleah. But the icing on the cake, as far as I’m concerned, is the way so much swimwear seems to have been designed on the assumption that women undergo a style lobotomy when they book a trip to the beach. Why are normally thoughtful, fashion-forward types suddenly expected, come summer, to want to look like porn stars? Victoria Bartlett comprehends that a girl doesn’t leave her brain on the floor when she puts on a bikini. Her new range of VPL swimwear packs the clean, graphic punch of the line’s trademark, frill-free lingerie, and even the two-pieces are cut with a welcome sense of modesty. I’m no prig—I own my fair share of string bikinis—but this season, I think I’d rather be seen in VPL’s one-shoulder maillot, which comes in the same shocking pink Marc Jacobs put on his Fall ’09 runway. It’s a swimsuit that will make people look twice, for the right reasons.

Where: $195, at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Photo: Marcio Madeira

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