August 28 2014

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Blasblog: The Interim Beatrice Inn


The enormous hole left agape in New York’s downtown lounge circuit when the Beatrice Inn was closed for a laundry list of violations a few months ago has been partially filled by the Tribeca bar 77 Warren, conveniently opened by Beatrice regular (and sometime New York Ranger) Sean Avery, Smith & Mills co-owner Chris Miller, and Beatrice Inn co-founder Matt Abramcyk. Although the chic nightspot—which somehow blends posh wood paneling and Diane Arbus artwork with hockey jerseys and flat-screen TVs that, yes, occasionally showcase sporting events (but only the trendy ones, like Lakers games)—has been open a few weeks now. Thursday night tested the new place’s staying power when it hosted the unofficial Burberry after-party. It passed. Kelly Klein and Aerin Lauder Zinterhofer were holding court with Catherine Keener and Brendan Shanahan at the booth nearest the door; next to them were Jen Brill, Byrdie Bell, Hilary Rhoda, and Bonnie Morrison having a late-night dinner; and bringing up the rear were Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, Sophia Hesketh, Magnus Berger, and Brooke Geahan. Not bad for a soft opening. “The best part about this place is the food,” said Brill. She wasn’t kidding: At her table was a roast chicken, a house salad, grilled cheese, and, according to Avery himself, the best mac and cheese in New York City.

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  1. Very good journey and experience!

  2. guests says:

    The only thing that happened in the Another Day Of Matt Abramcyk saga is he was caught trying to rob another business owner of his business at 385 Greenwich. It happens there isn’t a nicer guy then Mike no matter how many times Abramcyk pretends he is someone else to destroy this man’s business who has a gorgeous wife and 3 little children.

    The story was never about restauarants or bars. Abramcyk doesn’t own Smith and Mills, Tiny’s, 77 Warren or Super Linda. The owners of all these buildings who hired Abramcyk to empty out a dozen buildings illegally using restaurants to demolish these buildings by construction own all these bars. Abramcyk’s job is to empty all these buildings in lower Manhattan after 9/11 for the owners. These businesses are inconsequential to them.

    Therefore, while you all cronical his horse and pony show which has finally escalated into another 3 ring circus where not a word Abramcyk he says adds up, underneath it is a boat load of fraud any many victims, as if the residents of Tribeca hadn’t suffered enough. Abramcyk and David Jaroslawicz were hired to staged 2 accidents, 3 fires, 2 buildings with big red X’s because these buildings were not even safe to enter by the time Abramcyk was done; another at 287 Broadway he had evacauted where he is Yenem llc the Pizza cafe where he sued 57 Reade, Hunter and the owners masked as Randal llc with Jaroslawicz, at the same time he happened to have his 3rd fire in under 2 years at Smith & Mills and sued the neighbor’s over his fire + lost.

    This involves 385 Greenwich llc, No Moore Oyster llc, 71 N Moore llc and now Maritime llc just for Smith & Mills. The tenants can’t go home at 71 N Moore until Abramcyk is out. He is obstructing the egress. This involves Randal llc and Yenem llc at 287 Broadway at the Pizza Cafe. The tenants are homeless and the shoemaker lost the only business he knew, all forced to file suit too. This involves Delphi which changed to Brushstrokes who was sued by Webway llc which netted the owners 120 W Broadway, 130 W Broadway and 109 W Broadway robbing Bouley of his businesses which is now Super Linda. Bouley lost 4 million on 1 building alone in this little 200 million dollar fraud scheme by making up similar stories on Bouley, they’re now doing to Mike which are all baseless as the stories about the neihbor’s above Smith & Mills. Tiny’s became 135 W Broadway llc while those tenant’s lost their business. The list is endless. And everyone knows of the troubles at 77 Warren. The Mayor’s Task force could finish the sentence.

    Smith & Mills is not expanding to Ivy’s or his neighbor’s home because they are not available. We take our hats off to Erik from the Tribeca Tribune. We think we’ll keep him in Tribeca after all. Thank you Erik for telling the truth no matter how much money Abramcyk tried to throw at you. Mike Gibson could not be a nicer a guy. And Ivy’s for the record has the best pizza in the city!

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