August 30 2014

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Cannes Watch: Charlotte Gainsbourg


We thought the cowboy boot trend went the way of trucker hats (or back to the rodeo, depending on who you ask), but leave it to a chic Parisienne to have us coveting them all over again. We think Charlotte Gainsbourg looked impeccably laid-back in a leather jacket, slouchy tee, and faded denim at the Antichrist photo call in Cannes. Tell us: Do the worn-in boots tie the look together, or is the whole ensemble better suited for a cattle drive?

Photo: Dominique Charriau / WireImage



  1. alexkallos says:

    besides the fact that she has a certain kind of beauty- that might not speak to everyone- the total sum of her latest appearance is just totally beyond me: its AFFREUX as they say in french.Whos she kidding here? She is on a photoshoot for a film that is a contender for the Palm d’Or and she looks like a cowgirl in detox !! sorry but no mercy. get a grip girl, u pretend to be an actress then ACT like one. Its Cannes for crying out loud…rest my case.

  2. guccilily says:

    They don’t even look like cow boy boots, just a pair of brown, boring suede shoes…this look reminds me of the characters from the Australian soap Mcleods Daughters- google it, Im sure you will agree!

  3. ShopVagabondNyc says:

    Well there are a lot of things you could say…first and foremost being that she looks terrific, totally cool, incredibly sexy even. However, even though Cannes can be covered with nasty casino type get-ups, is it really the time and place for such a look? Wouldn’t she have looked just as good in a simple Rick Owens t-shirt dress? That would have been just as effortless and much more appropriate. And above all, isn’t it also that she is gorgeous, totally confident, impeccable, SKINNY & a GAINSBOURG, so ultimately she can get away with this. This is more along the lines of Melissa Ethridge at her most acceptable!

  4. FIFI007 says:


  5. flightofthedreamer says:

    a++++++!! Fantastic!

  6. russellmimi says:

    Please, NOT at Cannes!.

  7. luv2love says:

    so not working for u hun-especially not in cannes! the ensemble doesnt accent ur body well the jeans and cowboy boots together make this seem like the world is in great depression 2-this time worldwide and its so bad that its effect the ‘wealthy’ as well
    when u have such a large selection of clothes to choose from why should anybody want to look like they are going to the rodeo when in reality they are in CANNES!

  8. Appollonia says:

    Since when is there a law for actresses to dress if they’re up for a fashion phot-shoot? She looks fine. She doesn’t care and that’s so refreshing…..
    Lars von Trier ‘The Antichrist’ is very controversial and I love film and am pleased it’s this year more about film than designers since years. I’ve become tired of all those red carpets with dresses with actresses in it.

    Anyone of you ever been to this festival? I have. A ceveral times and I feel very sad that I’m not there at this very moment…

  9. Appollonia says:

    Sorry a typo: “a several times”

  10. tizzylish says:

    Charlotte can get dressed up a bit more in my eyes. This is the Cannes Film Festival, not the post office. Her look is fine for hanging out with her friends at the fashion show but not in the festival ambiance. SO depressing, n’est pas? I hate to think about what she will wear if she ends up being nominated for her acting.

  11. zazzafraz says:

    she looks great, it is a photo shoot, not the awards ceremony, even if it was she looks far better than those men who walk the red carpet in sneaker, esp. blinding white sneakers. this is self-assuredness

  12. e31to33 says:

    yes, the whole ensemble is better suited for a cattle drive.
    charlotte’s mother is british and they both dislike to dress up so yes she is underdressed definatly.
    or maybe she’d just dress up for the cattle drive instead?

    she managed to get your attention ;-)

  13. eSelle says:

    I have to say that if you put this ensemble on a man, it might look better.

  14. jeffdeegan says:

    This is a classic American look and it is done just right. Europeans and other nationalities view this as the classic American attitude and style.
    The jeans are perfectly stacked just so over the boots. Accessorized with a statement buckle and what look to be Stallion [El Paso] handmade boots in rough out suede. She’s got it right.
    Cannes? Why not, its only rock and roll.

  15. pechka says:

    If she’s trying to stand out by under-dressing, this works.

    Then again, it’s Cannes—-isn’t it supposed to be about the films?

    A clean and unpretentious look,it does set off her own beauty.

  16. surimal says:

    i love her simplicity and her individuality..compared to most of the air heads you get at these things who only care about their over the top taste!shes realy beautiful and i admire her.

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