July 26 2014

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Michael Jackson: Thrilling Us


Is the King of Pop the next Rihanna? Though Michael Jackson laid the groundwork for many of today’s biggest stars, his sartorial choices haven’t exactly been fashion fodder—until now. After recently stepping out in a sequined Balmain tee, MJ turned heads this weekend in a Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci studded jacket and top. What’s next, sequined gloves from Chanel? What designers do you think Jackson should be wearing?

Photo: COP / BuzzFoto / FilmMagic



  1. ilovevince says:

    Well even though he has gone threw alot with the hole “rape”thing he is still a great artist i think chanel is fab!!but i can’t deside if its for him or not?!?!? i think he would look good in LV

  2. Valerio says:

    MJ is just over and out of the business, due to his behaviour. To sell Neverland, has a huge debt at the tax department, or somewhere else, he’s a dead guy. Once he was a great artist but nowadays, you can feel pity for him that he’s trying to come back. It never will occure, despite all the rumours that he has a stage act in London (50 times????). He’s a lost person, whatever he wears if it is from Gucci, Chanel, Balmain or whatever designer. This is just my humble opinion, he never make it once again. Ariverderci

  3. Valerio says:

    Fuck you ALL again a decent comment not published, never forget I’m Italian and we are very proud people. That you don’t like the first amendement of your constitution is not a business of mine. What a shame that you didn’t published what I wrote. Shame on you
    The forum is only visited by teens and they have nothing to say about fashion and now the Style File blog becomes the same. Comments who are not appreciated will disappear in a moment. Be proud on yourself and give people the chance to expresse themself. You wont allow that. Further I wont make any statements about Vogue or style. com. But it’s obvious that I’m going to hate this website, I’ll go better back to Sei di Moda. were we can expressses are feeling s better then on a USA website concerning Fashion. Ciao cogliones

  4. ShopVagabondNyc says:

    This is ridiculous, it doesn’t matter if it’s Givenchy, Balmain or what have you, what’s most obvious is that he doesn’t know how to wear it. Does he look good: NO!

  5. lyndsay82 says:

    Oh, he could wear a coffin around peace! but yeah, he always have a bizarre style anyway.

  6. mikeijames says:

    kudos to the style file for outing michael jackson as a closet recessionista! while it’s no surprise that he may don the flightier exploits of riccardo tisci, it shocks us all that he’d wear something from fall 2007.

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