August 23 2014

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Mrs. John L. Strong, RIP


We’re a Cartier stationery girl, but we couldn’t help but feel a twinge when we received a press release earlier today announcing that Mrs. John L. Strong, the Madison Avenue stationer to tastemakers like Oprah Winfrey, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, and Karl Lagerfeld, is shuttering after 80 years in business. Nannette Brown, the company’s CEO and creative director, explained in a statement that “investor’s failure to finance the business’ expansion plans combined with a challenging retail and economic environment, left the company with no alternative but to close its doors.” Fashion’s Night Out, the retail initiative that Mayor Bloomberg announced yesterday, can’t come soon enough.

Photo: Courtesy of John L. Strong



  1. Valerio says:

    It’s always a pity that a company have to close after more then 80 years in business. But what Mrs. Brown said isn’t the whole story. Not the investors are responsible but the company itself. You can’t blame investor for holding their money back in this difficult economic time, they also suffer from the crisis which is going on. If the firm/company has any future investors will invest their money into it, but the opposite is probably true. So despite that this old company will close their doors there is always a new company which will take over their place. Economically said ones dead is the future of another firm/company. Arriverderci

  2. zeezoozadfrack says:

    I worked for Mrs. John L. Strong while it was under Mrs. Brown’s ownership. All I can say is, I’ve never seen a more ineptly run organization in my life.

  3. DePompadour says:

    What a shame to lose a stationer that survived the great depression, it really says a lot about the state of things. As sad as I was to hear that Mrs. Strong closed, I was even more sad when I found myself in the market for wedding invitation suites and couldn’t go there. Luckily I (literally) stumbled across Connor Stationery and was able to use them. They are quite a bit smaller, if you can believe it, but have the same high quality stationery. Regardless, it’s too bad Mrs. Strong had to end so abruptly and messily.

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