August 20 2014

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The Land Of Lam Opens On Crosby


Lest you should stay in one night this week, tonight is the opening party for Derek Lam’s first boutique in the quaintly cobblestoned but retail-hot micro-neighborhood that we’ll call CroHo. (That’s for the T-junction formed by Crosby and Howard streets.) The space is minimal, airy, and slightly trippy, with the 2,800 square feet divvied up by curving sweeps of aquarium glass. It was designed by starchitects Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa of SANAA, whose only other New York project is the New Museum. “In both the New Museum and Derek Lam, we wanted to bring refined elements into the rough texture of the surrounding city in a way that blended naturally,” says Sejima, who was literally Lam’s first client. (She bought a black double-breasted trench from Fall 2004.) Thus, the modernist glass walls and poured concrete floor play off the original brick walls of the nineteenth-century building. By July, Lam and his staff will be moving to Crosby Street as well. “I always wanted to have it like a European house where the store is downstairs and the atelier is above,” says Lam. That means that the Soho resident will be able to walk to work, thereby fulfilling yet another New York dream.

Photo: Courtesy of Derek Lam



  1. belghazi says:

    meenal! croho! fashion has ruined my neighborhood. next up- the hotel under construction at 7 crosby. so sad. the romance is over.

  2. Mmistry says:

    I hear you, Belghazi. I live in the West Village around the corner from the Bleecker St mall. But I think CroHo (yes I am going to roll with that) is keeping to a more low-key and generally cooler vibe. On the upside, Derek told me that it’s the Mondrian’s garden that will be on Crosby. I guess the entrance is on Lafayette.

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