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The Outlook’s Bright


For many of us, white can be tricky to pull off even in summer. Now designers are suggesting that fall should be a blanc slate, too—see the ivory suits at Ralph Lauren, creamy toppers at Aquilano.Rimondi, or L.W.D.’s at Josh Goot. In fact, the little white dress seems poised to give the L.B.D. a run for its money. “Women have learned how to make white work for them,” asserts Roland Mouret, who put model Catherine McNeil in one of the Met ball’s sexiest dresses. To pull off the look without a big-name designer or personal tailor on speed dial, he advises a nude boy short or a pair of Spanx. Click for a slideshow, and tell us if white really is the new essential.




Photo: Marcio Madeira




  1. Valerio says:

    After the dark colors in spring/summer it’s about time that the designers use the more light colors like white, grey or whatever light color. It’s only that it looks to me that they change the season. Darker colors in the fall/winter and the brighter ones for spring/summer, they are just the opposite of it now. With one exception, nothing what they bring to us is really new, they did it almost all the last seasons show us the basic colors black and white, even yellow and red. So the color isn’t important, it’s how they create a new dress or whatever the tailoring or designs are important, the fabrics etc.

    Not the color of a dress etc. It also depends on the color of your skin, and how you can make yourself more beautiful in a dress, skirt or whatever from any designer. It’s the buyer which make the decision and not the designer. Thought Tilda Swinton needs urgently an stylist, after seeing her in her latest ‘outfits’ Our Catherine looks fine in this dress of Mr. Mouret, so white can be a beautiful color,arriververdi Laird

  2. CriCro says:

    I like white even in winter…

  3. vicgiomo says:

    White is the sum of all the colours, is opposite to Black, is the start point of the season, every season , for many people is the symbol of purity and awakening …..good look to white !!
    Vittorio G.

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