August 31 2014

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A Tale Of Two Riccis, Angie On Top, And More…


Nina Ricci for $50? It’s true. Get thee to Paris. [WWD]

The other Ricci—Christina—is reportedly un-engaged from her super-tall comedian boyfriend, Owen Benjamin. [People]

Oprah relinquishes her Most Powerful Celebrity in the World crown to this year’s Forbes list topper, Angelina Jolie. Apparently Kung Fu Panda was better than we thought. [OMG Yahoo]

Kate Moss is decidedly not pregnant, so much so that she’s threatening to sue Now Magazine for their lamentable fact-checking job. [WWD]

Versace’s chief executive is rumored to be handing in his resignation tomorrow in Milan, due, some believe, to tension with Donatella over her “lavish lifestyle.” Isn’t “lavish lifestyle” the definition of Versace? [NYT]

Photo: Marcio Madeira



  1. Valerio says:

    I was sure that Kate M. wasn’t pregnant, okay I’m not her lover but I couldn’t imigane that, whit all her contracts etc. Now about you article very well written, and the words about Donatella are very sympathic, yes the whole family has a lavish lifestyle so I don’t know why this ceo at the firm has to resign, he could know this?? Va bene she has my support, and I thank you that you put a pic of Ania Trublaska at the article, Grazie e arriverderci