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Attention, World Of Luxury! Chloë Sevigny Is Dropping Collaborative Hints


I interviewed Chloë Sevigny last week since she’s been chosen as a Woman of Fashion for our brother site. The infallibly stylish (in my opinion) actress told me she’d certainly love to do another collection with Opening Ceremony, but also mentioned that she’s open to other collabs. “I’d like to do something with a high-end company,” said Sevigny. “You know, the way that Sofia Coppola did with Louis Vuitton. I thought it was very cool. There were no labels on anything. I like that. I prefer it.” Earlier last week, the Big Love star told WWD that her dream collab would be with Hermès. Considering that her Opening Ceremony collection is the result of a casual mention to the press, I think Sevigny might be trying to tell the world of luxury that her designer door is open. So who might it be? Louis Vuitton is certainly the über-collaborator (Kanye, Murakami, Sprouse), but a project with Sevigny might be too similar to Coppola’s. Hermès? Hmm, this kind of thing doesn’t seem their speed. Maybe Tod’s? They do have a thing for actresses. Who do you think Sevigny should collaborate with next?

Photo: Sherly Rabbani and Josephine Solimene



  1. saudade says:

    I think Marni hasn’t had its moment yet, and I have a feeling Chloe Sevigny might be the right gal for the job- they both have a youthful, avant-gardish look that translates commercially. I’m curious to see what their combined quirky oddishness could introduce to the fashion world. In Chloe’s case, I’m pro la Nouvelle Vague. I agree with Meenal Mistry; I’m sure we all dream of designing for Hermès but the brand’s definetely too anonymous for a celebrity collaboration.

  2. Margot_Stylebaum says:

    I think she could collaborate with Ungaro…Esteban Cortazar would probably be happy with a collaboration with Chloé instead of that crazy Lindsay Lohan rumoured participation.


    Its crazy that Chole can just mention she wants to collaborate with a famous designer and it can happen. Though I did enjoy her collaboration with Opening Ceremony. Maybe she should do something with this new brand S.LOVE.

  4. Vawney says:

    Whoever she collaborates with it would be amazing!I reckon Vuitton is the most likely.

  5. cko01 says:

    How about Chloe for Chloe? Great puns aside, she’s been wearing this season’s scalloped jackets and shorts EVERYwhere in every color…

  6. FabsBabs says:

    Um, absolutely no one until she can don some shorts that don’t give her a gnarly camel toe! I am sure that doesn’t fly in the buttoned up world of Hermes.

  7. bossmama says:

    I think if she would collab with Viv Westwood, the label could regain it’s promise (as it should) here in the states. See, my feeling is, if you’re going to take someone like Ms. Sevigny and pair her with a brand, do it with someone who is iconic, subversive at that, and viola. Or resurrect a brand/house, like the REAL Fiorucci or something.

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