August 28 2014

styledotcom The street style we expect to see at this upcoming fashion week:

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Blasblog: Free Art Stuff From Fred


It should come as no surprise that Fred & Associates’ Molly Logan recently opened a library in her New York offices. “Had a career as a professional librarian been able to support my shoe habit, I would be sitting in some musty university library right now,” says Logan, who secures commercial and editorial assignments for her stable of fine art photographers. It’s not a university, but her agency is now a fully operational reference center. “Half of my books were in storage and I was running out of shelf space in my apartment. So I figured, open a library where all of these books (many of which are out of print) could be shared,” she says. “I was frustrated with the Barnes & Noble-ification of New York City and the fact that most young photographers I met had a very limited frame of reference when it came to photography.” But you don’t have to be a professional lensman to join; anyone can become a member simply by e-mailing And books aren’t the only things that Logan and her peers at Fred are willing to part with. At, new screensavers of work by contemporary artists like Doug Aitken, Terence Koh, Karen Kilimnik, John Baldessari, AVAF, Collier Schorr, and Paul Graham are available for free download everyday. Why so generous? “I like to tell anyone who will listen about something I love—especially when it’s art.”

Photo: Richard Kern

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