September 2 2014

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Blasblog From Venice: Late-Night Airport Party. No, Really


I am finding this out the hard way: Venice is a late-night city. So late, in fact, that I’m having a hard time keeping up. (I’m blaming jet lag, but—heaven forbid—I hope this doesn’t mean I’m getting old.) Take Thursday night, for example: After François Pinault’s museum opening, an Interview magazine cocktail party on the island of Giudecca, and a decadent Missoni dinner on a boat in the Arsenale district of town, I was dragged to—get this—the Lido airport for a Danish and Nordic pavilions-sponsored dance party on an actual plane runway. I was the only one worried that this might violate some sort of FAA regulation: Neville Wakefield, Eugenie Niarchos, Olympia Scarry, and Alexia Niedzielski all ambushed the DJ booth, threw down their purses and man bags, and started a few dance-offs with the local revelers. It was surreal, and if that wasn’t enough, post-runway rave it was back to the Bauer Hotel terrace, where we all were last night, for more drinks. (Though, I must divulge, even the chicest of European girls had moved on to beer at this point, hoping to fill their stomachs.) Here the likes of Viscount Dan Macmillan congregated with Giambattista Valli and Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis. At that hour—and that blood alcohol level—Venice really worked its charm: Look here, I even spotted Antonio Berardi having a little moment with 10magazine‘s Sophia Neophitou, until Margherita Missoni came and broke it up.

Photo: Derek Blasberg



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