August 31 2014

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Blasblog: Stefano Pilati Has Come To Town


Up until the very moment that the party celebrating the Yves Saint Laurent “New Vintage” collection was scheduled to begin at Barneys last night, it was unclear how the evening would proceed. Would the label’s creative director, Stefano Pilati, engage in a conversation, as originally advertised, with Barneys’ Simon Doonan about the line of YSL classics cut from unused fabric left over from previous seasons? Would the merchandise be for sale or only on display? “He can talk to me anytime he wants,” Doonan finally reasoned, explaining why the public discussion had been curtailed for a more intimate gathering, “and right now we need to sell, sell, sell.” Ditching the chat and pushing the goods proved a smart move: Halfway through the party the racks were ransacked and the handbags mostly sold. (Barneys’ Julie Gilhart even got in on the action and bought one herself.) Standing on the outskirts of the mayhem was the designer, looking both debonair in a handsome suit and darkened glasses and anxious. The reason being, he would be presenting his Resort collection to buyers and press today. “It’s a very important collection right now,” he explained. “It’s an important season at an important time in this world. I’m working hard to make it conceptual, but sellable as well.” As he was explaining this, an overzealous shopper was literally ripping off a mannequin’s arms to get her hands on a “New Vintage” strapless cocktail dress. So, Stefano, things are looking good so far.



  1. Ian_Larraga says:

    I love to hear that “ravenous” shopping is alive and well.

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