August 1 2014

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Frank Tell Says No To Shoulder Pads


As we all know, the key trend of 2009 is shopping your closet. And designer Frank Tell has taken that to heart: For Resort, he’s repurposed several patterns from collections past, extending the seams on his tailored dresses and adding volume to the shoulders to make them come alive for a new season. “You know, for Resort, you don’t want to make things too complicated,” explained Tell, as he wrapped up his lookbook shoot. “The element I’m working with that’s new is a kind of geometric effect.” To wit: His architectural placement of zippers sharpens the mod appeal of jacket tops and minidresses, while origami-inspired shoulders, sometimes formed of nothing more than a flap of squared-off fabric, add volume without adding weight. “I didn’t want to get into shoulder pads,” he notes. “That’s so heavy.” For more on the Resort collections, click here.

Photo: Courtesy of Frank Tell



  1. Valerio says:

    You know Maya I really like the outfit, with or without shoulder pads. Simple as it can be and the zippers make a special detail to the dress. Nowadays designers have to make 6 or 8 collections a year, isn’t that crazy? Fall/ prefall etc, it’s a little bit to much not only for the designers but also for their clients. Go back to the past and show the s/s en f/w in the major fashion cities. Resort/Cruise collections arent important, only for the brands/labels like Chanel etc because of the profits. Wear what you want during summer or whatever season. Be always yourself and I know a lot of girls/woman are very fashionable, please keep it that way. I adore stylish and trendy woman very much. Arriverderci. By the way have all a nice weekend.

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