September 2 2014

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Lauren Bush Launches Feed 2


“This is the most luxury burlap bag yet, ever, in the history of the world,” Lauren Bush enthused last night at Bergdorf Goodman. She was fondling the Feed 2 Kenya bag she’d just launched with partner Ellen Gustafson. The latest release in the pair’s super-successful charity bag series, the new tote is made the old-fashioned way (Kenyan artisans take a day and a half hand-beading each one) and lined with vibrant, red-patterned Maasai fabric. “They wear this as a big kind of quilt to scare off lions—so, very appropriate in New York,” Gustafson noted. Smaller than its predecessors, the latest version also comes with leather straps. “This is definitely the rich, colorful cousin” in the Feed bag family, Bush explained. Bergdorf’s is selling them for $195, so it costs more than a potato sack. But buying one means feeding two Kenyan schoolchildren for a year, and it’s hard to put a dollar value on that.

Neil Rasmus / Patrick McMullan



  1. WillaKatherine says:

    Wonderful! What the world needs more of….helping others.

  2. Valerio says:

    Would you ever be wearing this bag in public?? The idea is wonderfull but Africa is a lost continent. A lot of violence overthere because one tribe can’t life with another one. They life really in the past, and even in south Africa there is a lot of violence going on. Especially to woman, rape and other sexual assaults. It seems to be ‘normal’ on that continent, but I refuse to give one dollar to that lost continent. The culture of most of the African countries is one of violence. At the same time, they have beautiful patterns and designs. Arriverderci

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