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Michael Jackson, Pop Superstar


One of the ironies of Michael Jackson’s death at 50 is that he had been back on the radar for so many people lately, fashion watchers included. Just yesterday there was the news that the King of Pop would be outfitting himself in hundreds of thousands of Swarovski crystals at his upcoming sold-out London concerts. There were the paparazzi pictures of him in Riccardo Tisci’s Givenchy creations. And, of course, there were Christophe Decarnin’s much-photographed spangled band-leader jackets for Balmain, inevitably reminiscent of the one Jackson wore on his Grammys victory lap for Thriller. In fact, the star’s long career was almost as full of influential fashion moments—the white socks and black loafers, the red leather motorcycle jacket, the infamous single sparkly glove—as it was chart-topping hits. Here, some of Jackson’s most memorable looks.

Photo: Frank Edwards / Getty Images



  1. Valerio says:

    In his way he was extravagance, out of whatever fashion style. He made it himself, that’s an very honorable point of view. Don’t look what is common but wear what you think is right. I just read the Blog of Lisa-Marie Presley and she wrote that already in 1994 he predicted his dead among other things. I have no opinion about this Blog or what his ex-wife has written on her Blog, I’m not even upset about his dead. I only feel sorry for the millions off people which adored him, and were looking for his performances in London and eventually in other cities. R.I.P Michael Jackson, I hope you find the rest you needed so much. Arriverderci e saluti.

  2. thefashioneasta says:

    Good article. I posted a similar one on my blog

  3. bryony1 says:

    Michael Jackson is one of the few individuals who grew up to look better than he did as a child, and he should have left his face alone. He was beautiful just the way he was.

  4. manu666tb says:

    i’ll always love this guy…innovative in music, dance, videos, fashion…and about his face, he only did his nose; he looks too much like his father and brothers to have had any surgery; and the paleness comes from vitiligo…anyway, i’m so glad to see him being appreciated in fashion too, ‘cos he deserves it…<3

  5. hailee says:

    leave frekin micheal ugly jackson alone!
    daymn he dies already so leave him alone he rapped little children and hes wierd so just tell his family to tell the news pappers to leave micheal out of the internet hes dead and just forget about him already okey he’s dead so just leave him alone or ill make a crying video for goodness sake!!

  6. thrillerinfashion says:

    Responding to the rude comments of micheal he was a sweet person who loved children…. i don’t care what he looked like… it matters on the inside. i am 12 years old and i look up to micheal. i will always love micheal. he did no such thing to any me he was a child, just like me…..and if people have mean things to say about him,thank god had a beautiful voice,smile,and most important a heart.

  7. rheather says:

    Look at that face and that amazing style–I do not think Michael Jackson understood just how amazing he was and how much he was loved.

    Are there any other Mj fans out there who are planning to watch the TV Guide Network’s upcoming Michael Jackson special, Gone Too Soon, on June 25th? I’m really looking forward to it.

    Check it out:

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