July 29 2014

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Screening Chéri With Pfeiffer And Friend


Michelle Pfeiffer is back in a corset. Some 20 years after playing laced-up Madame de Tourvel in Dangerous Liaisons, the 51-year-old star is a Belle Époque courtesan putting the moves on a Parisian playboy (Rupert Friend) less than half her age in Chéri. Stephen Frears, who also made The Queen, directed both; Chéri, which comes out June 26, is based on novels by flamboyant French pre-feminist Colette. “I’ve now sort of played the virgin and the whore,” said Pfeiffer (wearing Valentino) at a screening of the film last night hosted by the Cinema Society and Noilly Prat. Her character, Lea de Lonval, spends most of the film surrounded by riches bought with money she’s earned entertaining Europe’s wealthiest men. “She’s incredibly courageous, and women of the time didn’t have the freedom that she has. She’s incredibly modern, but it comes at a price.” Friend chimed in: “What she did brilliantly was understand that a courtesan is, yes, a prostitute, but also an incredibly accomplished woman of society. There’s a huge sense of empowerment in her portrayal.” He’d seen his co-star’s work in Dangerous Liaisons, he added, but not when it came out. “I was seven.”

Photo: Billy Farrell / Patrick McMullan



  1. Alexa_Socialite says:

    Good for her, she is probably the last of the classiest in Hollywood.

  2. tr_ro says:

    Good for her, he is cute! she is hot!

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