August 27 2014

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Waxman-Markey? Thank Angela Lindvall


We pause from our daily delectation of fashion to note, briefly, that on Friday the House of Representatives narrowly passed the Waxman-Markey bill, the first piece of legislation addressing global climate change ever to make it out of a body of Congress. There’s a fight ahead in the Senate—expect much sausage-grinding politics, etc.—but as green landmarks go, this is a big one. And Angela Lindvall ought to get some credit. The supermodel mom has been on the front lines, eco-wise, feeding the sustainability message into the pop consciousness since well before An Inconvenient Truth started giving everyone nightmares. Now you can show Ange some respect by picking up her new T-shirt for Edun Live. As previously reported, Lindvall’s tree branch-printed tee launches Edun’s new range for; the merch goes on sale today at the eco-themed, and profits from Lindvall’s tee for Edun support the Wildlife Conservation Society and Green Cross. “It just so happened that when they asked me to do the T-shirt, I was standing out back, in my garden, looking at the shadows all these tree branches were casting on the concrete,” Lindvall recalls. “So I came back out, took some photos, and voilà. ‘The shadows of nature…’ ” Consider it $39 well spent, and don’t forget to write your senator.

Photo: Courtesy of Edun



  1. styleguru96 says:

    Cute puppy!! I love the necklace!!

  2. Valerio says:

    You know Maya comments of – a cute puppy – I hate. She was never a supermodel but a topmodel and I liked Angela in the past, after she married her diver instructor, and got a baby boy, her carreer ended almost. I always found that a shame, just like Linda E or Christy T she was/is a real American girl. That she is promoting this T-shirt isn’t really surprising to me, because she was always (also on the runway) worried about mother nature. By the way I can’t write to my senator, because I’m Italian, but yes it’s a nice though, Arriverderci

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