August 28 2014

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Why Wear Tights When The Sun Is Shining?


The weather in New York this spring has been—to say the least—perplexing. The heat arrives overnight and departs in a flash, leaving behind rain and a biting chill. I’ve been caught out underdressed or overdressed repeatedly. My coats have gone in and out of storage three times. I mention all this because I want to make it clear that I sympathize with schizophrenic dressing. But I’m stymied by one trend I’ve been seeing on the street: summer tights. The other day, for example, which was one of those days when the sun seemed to be bursting out of the sky, and men on my street were sweating shirtless on folding chairs with cold, paper-bagged beers in their hands, I saw a girl dressed as follows: loose T-shirt, cutoffs, a pair of those bootlike sandals, and opaque black stirrup tights. Wha? Same day: Erin Wasson x RVCA floral sundress, espadrilles, black footless tights. And: miniskirt, racerback tank with a bikini top underneath, sheer black stockings, ankle boots. Those are just a few examples, from one day of casual observation. Are these the same girls I saw tramping through snowstorms in knee-high boots and bare legs? What are they thinking? I mean, I’m all for a look, but frankly, these girls look ridiculous. They’re trying too hard. That was my take, anyway, until I came across a photo from Cannes. Carine Roitfeld turned up to a party in a miniskirt; a one-shoulder, leopard-print tunic that skimmed her ankles; strappy heels; and black hose. And there’s this pic from last night of Behati Prinsloo rocking shorts and sheers. Is this a thing now? Comments, please.

Photo Sherly Rabbani and Josephine Solimene



  1. davidanna says:

    A great article, love the trend. It’s practical and kinda cool.
    P. S. Carine Roitfeld’s ”one-shoulder, leopard-print tunic” you mentioned is actually a quite revealing Margiela dress.

  2. jzl2103 says:

    I think tights under shorts can look great with the right boots or shoes. In New York’s crazy weather this spring, sometimes the only way to be safe was to wear something for warm weather with tights in case it was too cold, which it often was.

  3. verenapartridge says:

    I get your confusion, but on those days when you don’t feel comfortable getting your legs out, but want to wear your cute new shorts, opaque tights seem to be the happy medium??
    Great article though!

  4. andec says:

    Black tights do not work with daytime summer clothes, it just makes the girl look like she is wearing shorts or skirts that are too short for her to feel confident in. that is certainly not sexy!

  5. tublana says:

    unfortunately for us global warming has penetrated our fashion forcing us to become a bit more creative.

  6. fitness2405 says:

    I like the shorts and sheers look and think Behati Prinsloo pulled it off well.

  7. davies says:

    I understand what you are saying about summer tights, but I like them for one reason: I have nice legs but they have not so nice veins. Tights solve the problem for me.

  8. Makeup5 says:

    super hot couple!


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