August 29 2014

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Yea, Nay, Or Eh: Pasties Beyond The Boudoir? And The Burlesque Club?


The Real Housewives of New Jersey is great for low-brow entertainment, but predicting fashion trends? We didn’t think so either, until we spied leggy Hana Soukupova working this mesh top cum sequin bra at last night’s Whitney Art Party. It reminded us of the shimmery bikini housewife Teresa modeled for her friends on their Atlantic City girls’ weekend. We’re not sure metal (or sequins, or anything shiny) is ever appropriate for a bra, but what do you think about Hana’s look? Is it something you’d try or does it fall into the “for models only” category?

Photo: Sherly Rabbani and Josephine Solimene



  1. bronni says:

    well I guess Hana’s look is nice and funny. and it’s not “for models only” category.
    it is “for really little boobs” category.

  2. betriix says:

    This look is passable, but the perfectly round bra cups seem a little silly here and only highlight the boxiness of the waist, sleeve, and neck-lines. These are not naturally flattering lines, and would look god-awful on anyone who is not rail-thin. By the way, no style is “for models only.” That’s a ridiculous concept.

  3. kongningabc says:

    you high heels

  4. shawanda says:

    That’s a nay; bad, bad, bad, even on her.

  5. nhughey says:

    It probably isn’t for me, but it doesn’t seem to make sense with all the black, either. I’m sure she’s a tiny girl, too, so the proportions look off.

  6. ageisler says:

    cant say that I am a fan of this top look at all, but the outfit has great potential

  7. AnotherMeCantBe says:

    I give her a lot of credit for having the guts to wear this! But I’m not particularly a fan..

  8. Ian_Larraga says:

    Only if you’re built like Hana, who by the way is one of the most gorgeous women I’ve ever seen in person. At the CFDA Awards, she was totally mesmerizing. Pictures don’t do her justice.

  9. tr_ro says:

    I like it… I think she looks good, I would have put more of the material of the bra in more places of the top( thats meant to go to the designer) but I think it looks good, I love the skirt and the ring actually goes pretty well with the outfit

  10. LHOOQ says:

    Hana should have left the sequin bra in favor of her bare breasts. It’s a trend that’s been popping up in countless collections. In his most recent runway show Marc Jacobs (for Louis Vuitton) debuted a stunning sheer nude vest inspired by 18th century Paris that would have made Marie Antoinette proud. On a more contemporary note, Salvatore Ferragamo showed a sleek black dress with a sheer top (similar to Hana’s) and the sexual tones were more alluring than tasteless. Emanuel Ungaro debuted a shorter dress similiar to Ferragamo’s. He paired the number with bright pink tights and understated hair and makeup, using the model’s bare breasts as accessories.

  11. Valerio says:

    This isn’t an outfit for just models only, this is meant to be as a statement for the braver woman. Mrs. Soukupova is wearing it with great elegance, and in mine opinion (almost) every woman can wear this combination if she has the same body shape as Hana has. Anyway it all depends on the woman who wears this. Everyone can look beautiful in whatever dress etc but it’s the person who wears it that can make it more beautiful. The attitude of a woman and especially the jewelry etc are also important. I like this, and as another contributer said -it’s for really little boobs- I disagree. This is an outfit for brave and strong woman which have confidence in theirself. That’s what fashion is all about be yourself dare to wear what you want and don’t be to shy, if you like something wear it. Grazie, arriverderci

  12. Oh_so_Kate says:

    her skirt is fabulous so does the ring! Not sure about the top though… her top just screams ” thats my fashion statement” and flashing “look at me” lights but she is still looks gorgeous!

  13. Makeup5 says:

    cute for runway .. not for a party!

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