August 30 2014

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Badgley Mischka: Americans In Amsterdam


The Dutch fashion scene has long been dominated by Viktor & Rolf, but there was no Horsting and definitely no Snoeren on the front row yesterday, when a very different designer partnership kick-started Amsterdam International Fashion Week. Having originally been approached to provide sunglasses for one of the shows, Mark Badgley and James Mischka went all-in and agreed to preview their Cruise 2010 collection. It was fitting that an American house should open for Amsterdam: 2009 is Henry Hudson Year, the 400th anniversary of the Dutch-funded expedition that discovered New York (interestingly, the Dutch later swapped New York for Suriname, the smallest country in South America, a fact they’re less keen to trumpet), and there’s a host of celebrations commemorating the shared history of the two cities. There are some style similarities, too: “We’ve fallen in love with Amsterdam,” said Badgley, fresh from a tour of the city’s canals. “I like the way everyone is dressed in a very sporty way, here. This is certainly the first show we’ve done where the models arrived on bikes!” Upcoming Amsterdam fashion week highlights include a show from half-Surinamese wunderkind Daryl van Wouw and Lichting 2009, hosted by denim brand G-Star, which will feature the top graduates of seven Dutch fashion academies and hopes to provide the Netherlands’ breakout talent with a leg up. All without a clog in sight.



  1. Valerio says:

    I wont talk about the historical relationship between the Dutch and NYC, only about their designers. The AIFW started yesterday (July 23) but is it surprising NO Still the same names rules, and they are Sheila de Vries, Frans Molenaar or even the youngest of them Mart Visser. Mattijs van Bergen had on the first day a good show, but if we are speaking about international fashion the Dutch arent capable of bringing something new to the fashion world. Mada van Gaans, Sjaak Hullekes or Corry Groenwegen arent the next Victor & Rolf of the coming years and Mark what you wrote about Daryl van Wouw yes it’s a wunderkind but only in the Netherlands. Here in Italy we have never heard of him, or you have to be an insider of the industry. Most of the world isnt interested in the Dutch fashion industry, and I can’t blame them. On the otherhand how may people know the name of whatever designer, if it is Mr Lagerfeld, Galliano, or even Stella Mc Cartney, and that despite she’s the daughter of Sir Pual. I shall tell you that only fashionistas knowing the names of the designers and what their doing. The rest of the world don’t give a damn thing about who design this or that certain dress. So my conclusion is that the majority of people arent even interested in fashion. We are trying to fullfil their dreams but they don’t care about that. That’s a shame and that’s why so many girls/young woman are still dressed in the skinny jeans, T-shirts etc. An unflattering style around the world, but we have to life with that. Arriverderci

  2. Appollonia says:

    As a matter of fact Daryl van Wouw works a lot in Japan. Daryl works always hard. He’s very committed to his art. One day Daryl van Wouw will be seen and respected. If not than people are blind for his unique talent.

  3. Wvandenberg says:

    It is a bit of a disappointment that indeed only the establised names like Frans Molenaar, Mart Visser and Sheila de Vries are mentioned in Valerio’s piece.
    Especially because the Dutch fashion industry is more then proud to have EnD, Ilja Visser, Blue Blood, Madé, Claes Iversen and the brand that has been raised in the Netherlands “Supertrash”.
    I have to agree that you like or you don’t like the designs of Daryl van Wouw, but still he has made a change already in the Dutch fashion industry.
    And what about Marlies Dekkers then? The brand wasn’t represented during the Dutch Fashion Week, but I think we can say she has made a bit of a difference in the fashion industry world wide..
    I have to say that during my research at a few worldwide fashion blogs, that the Netherlands are mentioned quite a lot. And I am modest proud to see so!

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