August 21 2014

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Billy Reid’s Shoe Debut Solves A “Perfect” Problem


For some reason, it’s always the simplest thing that’s hardest to find. The perfect T-shirt, for instance, or the perfectly washed-out pair of jeans. Riding boots are yet another item that seem like a no-brainer buy, at least until you go out shopping for a pair. Anyway, that’s one problem solved, thanks to Billy Reid. The designer is introducing his first collection of women’s shoes for Holiday 2009, and debut styles include the perfect pair of riding boots—classic silhouette, understated, not too tailored. Available in cordovan brown and black, they’ll look even better a little roughed up. (The cone-heel bootie and platform-sole knee-highs come in leather that’s been pre-distressed.) For Spring 2010, Reid will be adding season-appropriate sandals, heels, and flats. “It will still be a tightly focused collection,” he notes, adding that the menswear influence will continue to inform the look. One masculine-feminine idea on the drawing board is a femme version of the washed canvas driving shoe, which Reid says has been a hit with the boys. Well, what’s good for the gander…



  1. avantgaudy says:

    I heard that riding boots would be a trend for fall/winter 09. I never thought about the practical aspect – I always wear cowboy boots from Target when I go riding.
    I love it when fashion and function not only meet, but coexist peacefully ;)

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