August 28 2014

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Blasblog From Paris: Armani’s Full Front-Row Spectrum


I’ll be the first person to admit that when it comes to a fashion show, I’m just as intrigued by what happens in the front row as I am by what’s coming down the runway. So thank goodness for the Armani Privé show, which stuffed its front row with a smorgasbord of photogenic women: the ultra-reserved and ultra-chic Cate Blanchett, the quintessentially French and forever coquettish Emmanuelle Béart, and the classically beautiful but unconventionally behaving Megan Fox. It was like the Sexy Three Stooges of Couture. There was Blanchett, playing the part of the Actress at a Fashion Show, sensibly digesting each look with a pensive, impressed look on her face. Next to her was Béart, who looked like she wouldn’t mind wearing one of the dresses that passed by, but would prefer a cigarette and glass of wine. And then there was Fox, a couture newbie, who must have just forgotten that people could actually see her as she sat in the front row. Slouching there with her mouth open, she could have been at a baseball game, which, for the record, only made me like her more. In fact, Fox turned out to be my favorite spotting of the entire day. After the show, at the big debut of Armani’s new fragrance Idole (a commercial was screened, then Mr. Armani himself opened a stairway to a film set that was re-creating the ad we had just seen), she seemed amused by the fashion mayhem. When one frenzied publicist ran up to her, announcing, “Mr. Armani can see you now,” she did something few other girls would dare. Fox stood there, arms crossed, and suggested she stay right where she was: “No, it’s OK,” she said. “He seems really busy, and I’ve been in his face all morning. I’ll stay here.” Crazy like a fox, indeed.

Photo: Eric Ryan / Getty Images

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