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Blasblog: The Bride Wore (And Was) Terence Koh


The New York-based artist Terence Koh’s passion for fashion has been well documented. (I can still remember when everyone asked who would wear those Balenciaga robot leggings a few seasons ago; the answer was Beyoncé. And Terence Koh.) But this weekend in East Hampton, Koh managed to mix that passion with his other one: his boyfriend of more than a decade, graphic design artist Garrick Gott, whom he wed in a ceremony in the garden of art patrons and Koh collectors Phil and Shelley Aarons. Since it’s not legal for two men to marry in the great state of New York—not to mention I’m just a tad cynical—I asked Koh if the point of the marriage was just to wear a big white dress. “Only for love,” he smiled. “Never just for a dress.” But still, the bride, whose dress had a 30-foot train, did go to town with his wedding look: “I designed the dress myself. It was my mom’s dress, and I just went and bought $50 of tulle. Then Jen Brill, Stella Schnabel, and Kathy Grayson—they were the bestest bridesmaids—helped me sew it on last minute. It felt like a floating snowball.” The ceremony, too, was unique: Gott wore a white tuxedo and stood in a tree as he waited for Koh to arrive via white canoe, which as fate would have it arrived with a mist. “We were like children sitting on the tree; I put my veil over him and I whispered secret promises to him in my private secret language. And that was it: simple, like snow falling during the warm summer moon.” With about 30 people in attendance, this was an intimate fête; in addition to the hosts and bridesmaids, Vito Schnabel, Olivier and Charlotte Sarkozy, Rafael de Cárdenas, and Chrissie Miller were all in attendance. (Miller, the designer of Sophomore, is responsible for these pictures; and if I may be so bold to say, if the sportswear thing doesn’t work out, I’d definitely let her photograph my nuptials.) After the wedding, guests dined on a white bunny cake. Although the marriage might not be real in the eyes of the law, the honeymoon definitely is: They’re en route to Tahiti this minute.

Photo: Chrissie Miller



  1. zinner76 says:

    nauseating, enough of this rotten cast of self obsessed loosers.

  2. tr_ro says:

    Humm I wont get involved in his personal life, but he has definitely created very interesting things(artwise)… The wedding dress was nothing especial though…

  3. NotMod says:

    Whether it would have made it into a runaway or not (would bet on ‘Not’, but then, its author did not intend it for one either, right/)… that dress seems to have been an appropriate accessory for the choreography. Would dare say – a significant component, even. The quintessential ‘wedding’ dress (which could as well be said to be ‘nothing special’ – but, that’s the point with a symbol of something, is it not?)

    As described, the ceremony could have passed for the wedding scene in a theatre play. Eve seems intentionally so (I hope). Why not! Good for them! Keep them coming!

    Now that I am thinking, this is one kind of novelty wedding I have not heard of yet: art folk getting married for real while playing the part. Cool or way weird? And, more importantly, for WHOM?

  4. jrseguin says:

    how fantastic, how did i miss this?!

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