August 31 2014

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Hot Pursuits


Can you imagine having your order taken at a BBQ restaurant by Jason Wu the waiter? What about having Betsey Johnson the lifeguard tell you to stop splashing in the deep end? Well, such instances have indeed occurred, we found out, when we asked designers about their past summer jobs. Of course, many of these young fashion obsessives worked in related fields. Past was certainly prologue for both Vena Cava designers Sophie Buhai and Lisa Mayock, who toiled as vintage store shopgirls. Meanwhile, Ruffian’s prodigious Brian Wolk (pictured here) made his own clothes to put in a hard day at a local fabric store called Rag Shoppe. The prize for most unexpected job goes to Threeasfour’s Angela Donhauser and Adi Gil, who both donned Lion King costumes to work in Buena Vista, a German Disney outpost. It’s true. We have the pictures to prove it. We have the pictures to prove it. Click here for more on how designers spent their summer vacations before they devoted June, July, and August to creating Spring collections.



  1. kellystyle29 says:

    I think I would laugh hysterically if Betsey Johnson crazy hair even so much as got wet at a swimming pool LOL

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