August 27 2014

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Is It Just Us, Or Was Lady Gaga’s Influence All Over Couture?


It’s ironic that someone who is in a perpetual state of half dress is so strongly influencing fashion. Lady Gaga’s aversion to pants has been well documented, so it’s no surprise to read that the blonde balladeer is responsible for a huge increase in the sales of knickers in Britain. It’s another thing altogether to find allusions to this pop culture omnivore (who is attired by a Warholian gaggle of twentysomethings working under the moniker Haus of Gaga) at the haute couture in Paris. And yet it was hard not to detect a hint of the Gaga effect in Gaultier Paris‘ leg-bearing bodysuits, Christian Lacroix‘s sculptural skirts, Givenchy‘s dangling chains, and even the pouf-skirted finale dress at Chanel. Click for a slideshow, and let us know what you think of the results—sacrilege or a breath of fresh air?



Photo: Tyrone Kerr / Film Magic




  1. Franpo says:

    Well, frankly, that sounds a little “too much”. Don’t you think you are exagerating? Is a just new pop music star influencing that much? Let`s see where Lady Gaga is in two years; she’s not Madonna… at least yet.

  2. maenad1021 says:

    Can’t sacrilege be a breath of fresh air?;-)
    I definitely see the influence. She is young, playful, and outrageous!Of course designers are going to be taking inspiration from her!

  3. ChristianDouglas says:

    I think its the other way around. The designers are influencing Gaga. I doubt Riccardo, John, etc are sitting around watching MTV in awe over her costume copying her designs. They designed first frankly.

  4. cosmo7999 says:

    ugh! oh no not you too Vogue! She will be forgotten in like 2 years, if that! I just do not see the significance of her existence yet… She is NOT Grace Jones or Madonna.

  5. ronsantos33 says:

    HAVE YOU ALL LOST YOUR MINDS? IS THIS NOT SYLE.COM? Some one from Lady Gagas camp must have paid you to post this. I mean really; I’m almost speechless. You must be joking because youre not fooling anyone. Anyone in their right mind knows that that these designers have been doing what they do for a very long time. This post is insulting. Why is it that every respectable fashion web site is degrading themselves by giving in to her hype. literally isnt going to be the same for me after posting this.

  6. doric says:

    It’s just you. Bodysuits(the leg-baring kind), chains, and pouf skirts have all been seen at Gaultier, Givenchy, and Chanel many times before. And the sculpted “skirt” at Lacroix is the peplum of the jacket/blouse. Lady Gaga has a good eye though and she’s having fun too! I’ll just sit back and enjoy.

  7. glossy says:

    are you really serious with this?!?! you are telling me that all these well established designers are all simoultaneously influenced by lady gaga?!?! please, get real!! that is a stretch!! were you out of ideas for a story?

  8. behbeh says:

    Let us not forget that designers have been doing hoods (at least 4 seasons now) long before Lady Gaga started stripping.

  9. behbeh says:

    Let us not forget that designers have been doing hoods (at least 4 seasons now) long before Lady Gaga came around.

  10. guccilily says:

    Lady Gaga will be a style icon. Just face it, her style is amazing and very original and she admits to be influenced by designers- the bubble dress, the plastic crystal dresses, she designs them but openly gives the credit to those who inspire her.
    So I would not be surprised if designers are influenced by her also,some of the comparissons made were exaggerated, however Im sure that they have noticed her and the influence will be much more obvious in the future!

  11. mikeijames says:

    how have you left out the skirtless, pantless, bottomless dior collection when making this reference? seriously, gaultier referenced mugler more than gaga, but going simply skirtless as a way to amp up a dior look is TOTALLY down lady gaga’s alley.

  12. nejohnso says:

    Don’t hate. Madonna was blew off early in her career too. Gaga will be relevant for a long time. She is “the new” and she is not compromising. Thats why designers are inspired by her. She is the real deal.

  13. voguish says:

    What a ludicrous suggestion! So yes, it’s just you. Lady Gaga has no influence whatsoever over couture. Please,, make the effort to publish more quality articles.

  14. bizarre2love says:

    And even American Apparel has Hood and hoodie scarf and stuff like that, don’t compare some classic looks with some one time hype please.

  15. ronsantos33 says:

    MikeiJamos: Galliano has been leaning toward skirtless bottoms for a few seasons now. Fall 08 it started with the lower parts of some of the dresses being completely sheer. Spring 09
    almost every look had sheer bottoms.
    Laird Borrelli-Persson: I cannot believe that Lady Gaga seriously crossed your mind as possible inspiration for these clothes. Are you new?

  16. tarynerin says:

    Every artist needs inspiration. Exactly how much influence Lady Gaga had over the couture runways is up for speculation. But there are some obvious similarities.

  17. eyesiq says:

    I’m glad that I’m not the only one who noticed that there seems to be a striking similarity between the new looks the designers are pumping out and the self-created looks that have made Lady Gaga a style icon.

    Her looks also found their way into the styling of recent issues of ELLE Magazine and most noteably the “Black Arts” photoshoot in the August issue of W Magazine (the model styled with Gaga’s trademark hairstyle and trussed up in gaga-esque chic designs).

    As I said before, I’m glad I’m not just crazy.

  18. eyesiq says:

    Also, those who believe that Gaga had no influence on the couture season need to take a closer look at the arm decorations of a few of the Givenchy models. What will you find there? The geometric diamond adornments ripped straight from the dresses that Lady Gaga made herself.

    How’s that for inspiration?

  19. pennoir says:

    the idea that gaultier could whip up a couture creation vaguely resembling something gaga wore in july in less than a month is simply ludicrous. corsetry is basically gaultiers’ signature, since god knows when, so we can scrap that suggestion. poofy skirts, hoods and sharp edges all being referred to as if this is the first time we have ever seen them? please. in order for a designer to create a cohesive collection they certainly don’t just throw random looks into the mix to replicate a pop star. if you remember correctly, tisci has been doing the chain thing pretty much consistantly throughout his career. with a man who counts his muses as mariacarla boscono an jennifer connolly i honestly don’t see him going gaga over gaga.

    that being said, i don’t have too many bad things to say about lady g herself. she’s a smart, articulate woman whom, against my better judgement, i find quite intriguing. her songs don’t tickle my pickle but i think she sure has a cute thing going on.

  20. flyinghigher says:

    Like the latter sense ! How do yu think of she matching this fashion bag?

    good time here

  21. LOGISTIC says:

    IS THIS STYLE.COM???????
    YOU MUST BE REALLY JOKING THAT YOU EVEN MENTION GAGA NAME ON YOUR PAGE AND POST IT OUT..I am deeply disappointed .have not expect this from you guys to support this shit. Where does everything really going from now onwards?? If this is new style icon I would say it must be very embarrassing for this industry..

  22. Ian_Larraga says:

    Jean Paul Gaultier has been doing that look well before Lady Gaga. I associate that look more with Kylie Minogue during the Fever Album with the Hit Song “Can’t Get You Out of My Head”. Surprisingly, Jean Paul is also the costume designer for Kylie’s recent X tour and upcoming tour in the US.

  23. Lighthouse says:

    Can media stop going ‘gaga’ over her? She is a talentless white trash. Are you running out of subjects? This is and not a teen zine.

  24. Valerio says:

    I don’t know why all the fuzz is about, Laird has right, only she forget to mention that designers and singers or whatever artists influence each other. A lot of people loved Michael Jackson not only for his performances but also the way he dress himself, never forget that at the basic there is a designer involved, the red leather jacket Mr. Jackson wore during his video of Thriller was designed by Theirry Mugler. What Lady GaGa is doing now is a superb example of influencing people. If you like her or not doesnt matter, If I read some comments that she isn’t Madonna they have right, but on the otherhand she’s a very creative person. Maybe some commentators are a little bit jealous? And that Lighthouse said she’s a talentless white trash, is actually over the top. This is not the way we comment on each other, have respect for every person, designer, singer, or whoever. And that or better said Laird published this is nothing more then good journalistic work. Only 20 members had some critic on her or her article but never forget there are millions of people which like these kind of articles. And never blame a journalist or (fashion) editor writing the wrong story, because you have your opinion but as a co-worker at a magazine like Vogue you also have your opinion and may publish it. Arriverderci

  25. gayguyinpinkscarf says:

    I think there is some influence. Really don’t have an opinion on her music but her outfits are very dramatic which can easily transfer into high fashion.

  26. hunner says:

    I think a club performer is the last thing a couturier is getting inspiration from. She’s simply wearing clothes that are made by people inspired by the couturiers’ designs.

  27. katiekat says:

    Is this a joke?

  28. grisette says:

    Perhaps there is a bit of truth here, but I don’t think it’s Lady Gaga we should be talking about given the fact that she has ‘borrowed’ her entire look from what Alison Goldfrapp was doing YEARS ago. Check out Goldfrapp’s Strict Machine video from 2003 for the original playsuit/hooded cape look that GaGa is so fond of. So many of her other ensembles have been lifted from Goldfrapp as well…

  29. mscabs says:

    it’s about time fashion has a a crazy CURRENT pop star for inspiration. it’s a perfect marriage, really.

  30. tr_ro says:

    OHHH MYYYYY GOODDDD guys!! 30 comments!! Impressive!

  31. miuxnickyxmiu says:

    Lady Gaga is a fashion icon. She said so herself that she doesn’t care what the fashion police have to say about the way she dresses, but she looks to Vogue for inspiration. She doesn’t care what everyone says about how she dresses. I think she executes her style very well. Aready better than Madonna. Gaga can where very little yet look stlyish and rather classy; how many people can do that?

  32. tr_ro says:

    31 COMMENTS OMG!!! GUYS!!!!!!! I have never seen so many comments in one post! congrats!! lol

  33. shirjuli says:

    I definately think she’s had an influence. Maybe she is taking inspiration from couture stlyes of the past, but there’s a good chance that her style and rise in popularity would have an affect on what people want to wear and design.

  34. saudade says:

    To hunner: “a club performer is the last thing a couturier is getting inspiration from” How can you say that! Your opinion is utterly elitist, and to all you who disregard Lady Gaga due to her ug-background: 1) How do you explain Unkle Karl et al’s love for Beth Ditto? There’s at least one couturier inspired by a club performer. 2) Fashion isn’t all Bergdorf Goodman, fashion editors and champagne parties, people. Music and fashion are both part of popular culture, they influence each other. Gaga may be quite transparent with her imitation of Warhol’s Factory, but there’s no denying the trends she’s sparked. I’m not saying she’s inspired the stuff on runways at all, but I definetely think she has an influence on fashion in general.

  35. SWeetStar says:

    Thats really stupid to put up ladygaga when she is like a pop fashion icon it doesnt make that much sense to post her pic up there

  36. gengenxo says:

    Oh, definetly. Lady gaga is a fashion icon. Her style might be crazy, but its cool. Plus shes gonna go down in history, of course haters will disagree, but its only been 2 and a half years, and shes already dominating. Just drink it all in (:

  37. shanty175 says:

    I love how some of these people say that she’ll be gone in 2 years. I beg to differ, she’ll be even bigger in 2 years, and her style will get crazier, and her music will get better. She’s just that awesome.

  38. ronsantos33 says:

    I dont think the problem is that her style is too crazy. I dont get the word “crazy” to describe her style. The problem with her is that she’s a poser and everyone for some reason is going along with the idea that she is so original. I think its cool that she dresses it up; its fresh for a pop singer. I just hate that everyone is acting like they’ve never seen it before. Do you people actually look at the collections from the designers on this web site? Go back and look up at the past collections from the designers that Lady Gaga supposedly inspired and you’ll see that its nothing new.

  39. rubydoobie says:

    There are more than enough women doing ‘pretty’ ‘elegant’ and tasteful.’ We need more fashion eccentrics like Lady G- at least she’s not boring and safe.

  40. modestot says:

    GRACE JONES!!! why is it that everyone looks over grace jones?! gaga just copys grace!

  41. mamakudos says:

    I’ll give you Gaultier; but I’m going to go as far as Givenchy, Lacroix, Chanel, and certainly not Alexis Mabille. Lady Gaga is only a step above the other pop super stars in terms of talent. She’s going to fade in two seconds.

  42. LetsGetDrunkAndVouge says:

    Lady GaGa has made her career off of wearing absurd ridiculously amazing shit.

    She has hunted down not so well known designers and avant-garde designers alike.

    Through her success and eye-catching apparel, she essentially has introduced avant-garde fashion to the current main stream.

    She is the first performer in a long time that is truly constantly projecting an image, a strong brand recognition of herself. You see this in outfits, performance, and interviews.

    With her new rise to the top in the main stream market of course the public will want to wear pieces similar to what she wears. Perhaps a bit more practical pieces though…

    Lady GaGa has enabled the more well known “high-end” labels to have a little bit more creativity in their designs because SHE has made it OK.

    Whether the designers are looking at Lady GaGa as a muse directly, or looking at the street fashions for inspiration, the Lady is most certainly influencing them.


  43. QueenK says:

    There’s still laws against dressing like that in public. Even Gaga has been arrested once for indecent exposure.

  44. ENQGiGi94 says:

    Though fashion can be controversial at times this has grabbed my attention the most, I agree with Christian Douglus on this that Lady GaGa is not influencing the designers, as I have read that HAUS of GAGA copys old designs, hardly new and innovative. Don’t get me wrong, she is an amazing music artist,but what angers me most is she seems to wear the clothes with an attitude that is serious about fashion, and she looks like she is taking it as a joke, than thinking of designers who have put high amounts of money in creating haute coutre which in my opinon is a form of art in iself. Nevertheless it is all part of her personality.

  45. Valerio says:

    At last someone which recognized the truth, it’s all about her personality and above all the image she wanted to give to people of herself. No she isn’t a real innovator, but she is just doing what almost every designer does, make from an old outfit or design a new one. Okay with some new details or colors eventually prints etc. The most beautiful example I personally find the Empire dress. Already 200 years old but still beloved, also the minis are still beloved designed by Mary Quant in the late 60s. So fashion is always a repeating industry, look to your closet and if you have some clothes of lets say 20 years ago, you would be surprised that it’s now again envogue. Oh and ENQ… don’t be angry about her attitude, just what you wrote it’s part of her personality. Arriverderci

  46. mariamishere says:

    I totally agree that its the other way around.
    Like ChristianDouglas said, I doubt Karl and the other brilliant designers are watching MTV. Gaga’ll be forgotten in a few years, these designers have made their mark already and will NEVER be forgotten even if they stop now. Of course I’m not speaking of the new designers, but John, Karl, Riccardo, Armani, and maybe even Marc.

  47. mailyemts says:

    From the first time I saw her, I knew she would become an icon. Her style is unique and that’s what makes her so special. It’s obvious designers will take inspiration from her!

  48. ChristianDouglas says:

    I am over now after seeing this. I can’t believe that you would make a direct comparison of couture to a one hit wonder. Create something new Gaga!

    What she has created and is promoting is nothing original! It was the club kid scene of the late 80s early 90s in NYC. Is everyone too young to remember that? Being poor and acting rich, costume fashion, glitz and glamour, drugs sex, disco…. I mean!

    All these designers are doing what they have been doing forever. They are NOT inspired by Lady Gaga. Unless one of them says so in an after show interview, stop making comparisons. had to be paid to promote this, just like that piece of trash Perez Hilton. What new with this society….

  49. ChristianDouglas says:

    I am over now after seeing this. I can’t believe that you would make a direct comparison of couture to a one hit wonder. Create something new Gaga!

    What she has created and is promoting is nothing original! It was the club kid scene of the late 80s early 90s in NYC. Is everyone too young to remember that? Being poor and acting rich, costume fashion, glitz and glamour, drugs sex, disco…. I mean!

    All these designers are doing what they have been doing forever. They are NOT inspired by Lady Gaga. Unless one of them says so in an after show interview, stop making comparisons. had to be paid to promote this, just like that piece of trash Perez Hilton. What new with this society….

  50. ronsantos33 says:

    Those are terrible comparisons coming from someone who works at The only pair that look similar is the one that compared her to Alexis Mabille. Look #3 is an especially terrible comparison. Her look looks like a knock off of D&G F/W 09 than Chanels finale dress. I need to work at Sorry for being so harsh but this I feel strongly about this.

  51. ronsantos33 says:

    Those are terrible comparisons. The only pair that look similar is the one that compared her to Alexis Mabille. Look #3 is an especially terrible comparison. Her look looks like a knock off of D&G F/W 09 than Chanels finale dress. I need to work at Sorry for being so harsh but this I feel strongly about this.

  52. Valerio says:

    We are sad that you will leave, but actually also happy. I can satisfy you I was born in 1950 so I experienced all the disco but also Jimmy Hendrix and the other rockstars?? who died. You just said what I have said days ago, -All these designers are doing what they been doing forever- so your not that smart as I though, That you personally attack and especially Laird is a little over the top, why should they not bring an article of whatever wellknown person on the website, is this forbidden, or is your hatred against Lady Gaga so big that you never will see her picture in whatever mag or websites etc again. If so then your a sick person. Arriverderci

  53. Gothicbarbie says:

    What about trickling down and bubbling up at the same time? I’ve found the happy medium between elitist and indie :)

  54. ronsantos33 says:

    Valerie: I’m guessing you were aiming that at me. I do feel extremely bad for writing the things I did. To be honest I did not mean to post the first sentence in my last comment. That, along with my second to last statement seems very harsh an unnecessary. Laird, I apologize and I take back what I said. I really didn’t need to disrespect you to get my point across (that was ridiculous). You’re obviously doing very well for yourself and know what you’re doing. Best of luck.

  55. warhouse says:

    Absolutly, the other way around, Lady Gaga’s style is easy to be seen as original, but thats only because she takes the most outrageous designs from several designers.

    Forgotten or not in a few years, i like her, but to say that she is Gaultier inspiration: DEF NO!

  56. annahou says:

    I would expect better observations from Lady Gaga (which I like, but nothing more than that) just copies Thierry Mugler. Steel/silver in geometric and machine-like shapes, no pants and all that in a platinum wig is trademark Thierry Mugler. Just check “Too Funky” by George Michael from 1992 (!!). Complete rip-off. Not to mention of course Grace Jones, as a lot of people have remarked before me, and Madonna that has pre-paned the whole sex in your face attitude L.G. has going on, as well as Robyn and Roisin Murphy in terms of performance outfits. I don’t see anything creative in Lady Gaga, thus I won’t accept her as the “force” that will bring music and fashion (!) forward. I just like her and I definitely see nothing outrageous in her, just a calculated pastiche of images and ideas from people that preceded her, aiming to provoke.

  57. annahou says:

    And case in point: Thierry Mugler 1992 Catwalk in Paris (Spring/Summer):

  58. mandn says:

    oh please. She’s a hack. She’s ripped off more people’s style than anyone else. There is nothing original about Lady Gaga. She’s done nothing that hasn’t already been done better by at least a dozen people in the last 20 years… Outrageous? no. Original? DEFINITELY NOT!

  59. Miss_Annie says:

    I am SO GLAD that i am not the only one who sees this manufactured and created ZOMBIE version of Maddona, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and Gwen Stafni all mixed up in one, for who she really is. GAGA is sooo overrated, its a JOKE!!! And to suggest that the masters of their trade use her as a influence is ludicrous!!!!

  60. rasberrysweethearts says:

    I’m afraid i do not agree with this post at all, i greatly dislike lady gaga as she has no real vocal talent. Designers such as chanel and Gaultier have definately not been inspired by her looks, and she is definately NOT a style icon in my opinion.

  61. VegasClub says:

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  62. operahouse says:

    i believe that everything is link to fashion inspiration look at jean paul gaultier being inspired by pirates of the carribean i mean fashion is about inspiration

  63. trendseter says:

    I think that lady gaga has made her mark musically and in fashion this year! She embodies what it means to be trendy, the now. She’s far from iconic, but give the girl credit, it takes some artist a life time do what she’s done with in the industy in just a years time. Let’s see how much of a camillion she is. if she can grow and change panties, tights and hoodies can only last a 3 months and in the industry thats and eternity.

  64. operahouse says:

    fashion is about inspiration so why not be inspired by lady gaga. she is fashion foward and uniqe.everything is linked to fashion even music artists.

  65. redhedshoper says:

    Love her or hate her she has been everywhere lately. And to call her a one-hit wonder is inaccurate. She has had three singles that have made it to the top of the charts. Also, since when can a pop culture star not be an influence to fashion. Inspiration and influnce can come from anywhere, not just from musicians who have been around for 10+ years. Who knows how long Lady Gaga will be around, that’s besides the point. And she didn’t get arrested for indecent exposure, she got reprimanded. She was in the Red Square in Russia, not in America. I for one love Lady Gaga, not even just for her music and style, but for the fact that she really has some balls and takes risks. Couldn’t say the same about Katherine Heigl who, in my opinion is as bland as bland can be, yet she is everywhere. So boring and predictable.

  66. ilinsic says:

    Yes,, it is just you. Because that is possibly the stupidest thing. Ever. You are seriously out of your mind. You are giving her way to much credit here. We are talking about COUTURE! Honestly, do you think these amazing fashion houses, and amazing designers are going to sit there googling pictures of her thinking “hmmm, she will be my influence while I make my couture collection”
    Please. Have some common sense. I feel disgusted just thinking about her having influence on ANY designer. Let alone the Couture collection of Christian Lacroix or Chanel.

  67. AlesterP says:

    I must be getting old because Lady Gaga is a mess! So I guess I have not style!

  68. devon09 says:

    I think the inspiration goes both ways. yes designers will look at what is going on and use it in their collections. Why Not? Of course they don’t want to copy some one else. So they change it up a bit.
    I think it’s nice to see an over the top dresser like GaGa. Those are the ones that are remembered. No one is rushing out to look like Katey Perry, right. That’s whats been missing in Pop starts. Style that makes kids want to dress like them. I was at her show in March and the kids had her make up on and it was cute. Like it or hate it, she has all you talking. Cheers, Ga Ga!

  69. secretlover says:

    the slideshow “comparison” is just silly. and although i think it goes without saying that she is the one influenced by the world of couture, and many of these designers have already been doing the things this post claims she is responsible for, it’s fair to say that they aren’t oblivious to her admiration and contribution to fashion. i’m sure there’s some give and take on both sides to an extent. that’s how art works. she’s not exactly grace jones, but she’s having fun and doing exactly what she wants, which is respectable.

    and to hunner: the last time i checked, a huge source of inspiration for designers are what is happening on the streets, which i’m sure includes “club performers.” what an ignorant statement!

  70. Fahion says:

    amm.. i think this is tottaly lady gaga promotion.. and yeah.. money’s good for the website-

  71. stella_f says:

    Haha, this post reminds me of this blog I read from a while ago:
    I can’t understand what she is writing, but it’s just as ridic as this. Come on!

  72. hunner says:

    aww… i’m going to pretend this article was never posted and continue to love!

    LOL but I had to post that this article was featured on the fashion page of TheFad, kind of funny.

  73. Douglass says:

    Is this site really, in some way, related to Vogue anymore?
    Was it written by some clueless intern?
    I’ve seen Lady Gaga’s “creations” to be done by Madonna, Grace Jones, David Bowie, and other legends, like, since forever; not to mention Gaultier and McQueen’s creations, and a bunch of other high prifiled designers.
    God, I’m spechless right now, so, the person who wrote this post, I really can’t believe that you’re working in, because a million girls (and boys) would die for this job, and would do it better.
    Are you PerezHilton, or some exec from Gaga’s team?
    So, to answer the question you used as a title for this post: It is just You, because I don’t think nobody else with enought fashion knowledge shares your point of view about Gaga inspiring Couture, It’s the other way around, dahlin.

  74. Amaterasu says:

    Well, I think it’s actually both ways around. And by the way, she’s not new, she’s just FINALLY famous.

  75. Makeup5 says:

    wow REALLY this is CRAZY!!

  76. girlinacagex33 says:

    i LOVE Gaga!!!!
    if she had a blog on this site, or any official fashion site for that matter, i would read her posts everyday, even if she only posted once a week!!!
    i’m no airhead and i don’t just go for any popular music or pop; i’m all about grunge and black punk, but this lady is a star in my eyes.
    forever a dedicated fan to the lovely Lady Gaga <3

  77. Douglass says:

    OK, I ‘had’ to give up, ’cause I really like Lady Gaga now, it was a combination of hot outfits and the disco stick that finally had me, so KUDOS TO YOU, style dot com blogger, ’cause I googled you after my first comment, and I saw you’re not a ‘clueless intern’ but a published author (I didn’t read your book(s), yet) so you totally saw Gaga was not gonna be a one one hit wonder, but totally a new diva that we have to look for.
    BUT that does not mean that I (we all) agree with you, that Gaga influenced Couture.
    Peace and love to y’all!

  78. CC99 says:

    its the other ay around. gaga has been copping vintage mugler for a LONG time now, knowing it will pass ff to the masses as her own thing. plus dolce and gabbana did structure back in ’07 before she got big, thats where she got those dressed during ’08. and mugler is pretty much known for structure. and after that, you have gaga trying to steal the look of other celeb fashion fans, Roisin murphy and grace jones, who the masses also don’t know as well (modern day at least) and lady gaga can pass off as her own and not be accused of the copying, gloryhound, brat that she is.

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