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JD’s Pics: Alina Hedenstrom


A weekly update on modeling’s freshest new faces, courtesy of photographer, man-about-town, and Twitpic’er JD Ferguson. First up: 5′ 9½” 18-year-old Swede Alina Hedenstrom, who’s spending her first summer in New York in advance of the Spring shows.

How did you get into modeling?

I was scouted on the street in Stockholm.

Favorite designer?

Anyone who dares to take a stand and go environmentally friendly, and to say no to materials that are a consequence of animal abuse. They’re brave and set good examples. Otherwise I’m not so well versed in all the fashion stuff yet.

What’s in your bag right now?

My camera, a map of Manhattan, my Metrocard, my Swedish cell phone, my American cell phone, sunglasses, and chewing gum.

Bike, subway, taxi, or foot?

Bike—it goes pretty fast, I’ll get exercise at the same time, and it’s environmentally friendly. If it’s a further distance, I’ll say subway; it’s more environmentally friendly than taking a taxi.

Favorite food?

Salmon, salmon, salmon.

If you were trapped on an island, who would you want to be with?

My friend Linnea. She is a Scout, so she would know how to survive.

What’s been your worst modeling moment so far?

The time when I did a job outside in the Swedish archipelago. I came back home with 45 mosquito bites.

So what do you want to be when you grow up?

I’m going to save the world!

Photo: JD Ferguson



  1. RobChameleo says:

    ironic the overflowing environmentalist statements vs. the salmon salmon salmon answers.

  2. Alinambarrie says:

    In Sweden, Salmon is from the rivers and sustainable so get your facts right before leaving ignorant comments Rob. I think your comment is probably in regards to some other fish, but if you don’t really understand what you are talking about, it’s probably best not to say anything!

  3. MeAndMarisa says:

    Gorgeous girl and certainly what I would call a “fresh face”
    I just am curious as to what she is going to do the first time a designer puts her in an outfit made of aluminum… definitely not environmentally friendly.
    And I’m with Rob, I guess she’s more of an environmentalist versus animal rights proponent… I didn’t know they could be exclusive like that.

    Me & Marisa

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