September 1 2014

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Stam Is (Sort Of) The New Nathan Bogle


The apocalyptic storm that hit just as Rag & Bone’s party to celebrate its Intermix launch began was no impediment for the crowd that packed the Ace Hotel’s sofa-strewn lobby. “I’m so surprised,” said the label’s taller designing half, Marcus Wainwright. “I thought it would be just me and David [Neville] with the people who work here.” The event’s hostess, Jessica Stam, it turns out, is now more than just a friend of the house. “We’ve been designing some clothes together,” said Neville. Stam, however, corrected the statement a hair. “It’s more of a collaboration, really,” she said. At any rate, the newest designing model might just be called on to fill in when Neville takes his paternity leave after wife Gucci Westman has their second baby, due in two weeks. (Though, according to Wainwright, company policy only allows a single week off.) The trio stayed mum on the details of the Stam & Bone pieces, which will make their debut for Spring 2010. “Everyone’s here hoping we’d get to see a little bit,” said Lauren Santo Domingo, who showed off her hand-painted Christian Cota dress and new Chanel bucket bag. “Stam’s got great style. Everyone loves to see what she’s wearing.”

Photo: Clint Spaulding / Patrick McMullan



  1. Valerio says:

    That she said it was more a collaboration is the heritage of her Dutch background. Actually she isn’t so shy as she act. She is/was a good topmodel (not a Supermodel) but what’s irritating me the most is that a lot of models look to Erin Wasson, Kate M. etc are stealing the jobs away of the graduates of F.I.T. and Parsons. They almost never get a chance to develope their knowledges, and what they learned at these fashion schools. I personally are not impressed by what models designs, so give the students or graduates a chance instead of a model which is sure welknown, but only in the fashion industry. Ask an average person in the streets of NYC, Milan or Paris who is Jessica Stam and I know already the answer. Nobody knows it, only Naomi and Gisele and probably some others are wellknown not in the last place because of their lovelife or lets say it clear of their behaviour and mismanagement of their anger sometimes to people. Have all a nive Sunday, ariverderci

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