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Style Staycation: Daryl Kerrigan On New York City


Daryl Kerrigan opened her first Daryl K shop in the East Village in 1992, and in the years since, her brand has come to epitomize a certain kind of no-fuss, cool-as-hell downtown style. So what better person to ask for tips on no-fuss, cool-as-hell things to do in New York City this summer? Never mind the fact that Kerrigan herself has gotten in the habit of taking her family upstate when the weather gets hot. This is one lady with her finger on the pulse of the city’s spontaneous pleasures. NYC staycationers: This one’s for you.

1. Hail the Water Taxi

“My summertime ideal is to take in as much nature as I can, but I’m also a mom, so a lot of my activities are geared around my kids. A day pass on the water taxi makes everyone happy. You can spend a whole weekend on the water, hopping on and off the ferry as you see fit. There’s a fantastic park by IKEA in Red Hook, for example, or you can ride out to Governors Island, which opened to the public last summer. There’s a ton of wide open space. It’s very green, plus there are art installations and a miniature golf course.”;

2. Listen Up at Prospect Park

“One thing I’ve always loved about New York City in the summer is the free music scene. And in the years I’ve lived here, it’s just gotten better and better. Sometimes it doesn’t even matter who’s playing. Grab a blanket, a bottle of wine, and some good friends, then find a spot on the lawn and take it in. Lately my favorite place to go is Prospect Park. I saw Pere Ubu there not long ago, and it really hit me what a treasure that park is. It’s easier to get to than Central Park if you live downtown, and there’s no tourists.”

3. Go West for a Gallery Crawl

“We’re really blessed here to have such a thriving gallery scene. Wandering from show to show in Chelsea is always inspiring, and it’s free. I’m not too on top of the art scene, but what’s cool is that you don’t need to be. I’ll read the listings in The New Yorker before I go, but I sort of prefer not to have a set agenda. Usually I head over to Chelsea with an artist friend and just follow her around. There’s always something out there that surprises me.”

Photo: Marcio Madeira



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