September 1 2014

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Talking News With Doutzen And More At In the Loop


We don’t know if this will make Bill Keller feel much better about the state of newspapers, but we still think he should know that model Doutzen Kroes is a big fan of the Gray Lady. By the way, we’re not in the habit of asking models about which news sources they read—mostly for fear of an unnecessary Palin-esque gotcha moment—but it seemed apropos at last night’s Cinema Society and New Yorker screening of In the Loop. (The model also peruses papers from her native Holland. “I always try to keep up with what’s going on in my own country too,” she said. “You have to!”) Though the film is a work of pure fiction, or so director Armando Iannucci claimed, the story of an American president and British prime minister in cahoots to get their war on sounds eerily familiar. Given the plot’s focus on just how (mis)information gets disseminated these days, we asked Iannucci how he separates fact from fiction. Turns out The New York Times et al. aren’t everybody’s go-to sources. “I actually really like The Daily Show,” Iannucci said. Fitting, perhaps, given the director’s comedic penchant. Star James Gandolfini wasn’t in a talking mood on the red carpet, but that didn’t stop him from approximating his tough-talking general role when we entered the theater, admittedly tardy. “You’re late,” he barked. Head down, we skulked to our seat next to Jessica Joffe, who, like us, laughed throughout the movie.

Photo: Charles Eshelman / Film Magic



  1. Valerio says:

    Just a short comment Doutzen Kroes the Dutch beauty???? in a movie, the rumors where there and now you published it. Fabulous, what a mess these days, a VS model becomes famous because she had a small part in a movie. Great for the Dutch but a bad thing for the movie industry and even for the fashion industry, think about that folks.

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