September 2 2014

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Victoire De Castellane’s Court Of Appeal


“I made up an imaginary kingdom about kings and queens of lost civilizations,” said Victoire de Castellane, explaining the thinking behind her incredible collection of diamond pendants and rings for Dior. Each piece—kings for pendants, queens for rings—wears its own crown, tiara, necklace, lace collar, or ruff, and even earrings of their own, in some instances. “I didn’t want to use color, so it’s all diamonds, antique beads, and briolettes I found and set so it looks like embroidery.” The twist is the macabre fact that all the miniature royals are sculpted as skulls. “The story,” said de Castellane, “is that man dies, but jewelry remains.”

Photo: Courtesy of Christian Dior



  1. Gouveia says:

    she’s a genious
    every jewel she does it’s insanely beautiful and i feel that every one of those pieces have so much love and dedication in it
    it’s impossible to not fall for her stuff even if it is completely unreachable

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