August 29 2014

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Would You Wear This Chanel Gown To Your Wedding?


Having just tied the knot myself, I’ve still got canapés, floral arrangements, and, yes, dresses on the mind. I wore Fendi Spring ’09 to my ceremony and 3.1 Phillip Lim for dinner and dancing, but I couldn’t resist cataloging the inspiring creations from the recent Haute Couture and Resort collections. From Christian Lacroix‘s flight of fancy to Alexis Mabille‘s garden-party-ready lace frock, here are the looks that caught my eye and the kind of settings they’d work in, should I decide to pull a Gisele and Tom and throw another wedding. Tell us which dress you prefer and why, but please, don’t mention this to my husband.

Click for a slideshow of all my top wedding dress picks.

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  1. flightofthedreamer says:

    H*** Yes! The only catch is i’d want to be marrying the DRESS! I LOVE it!

  2. flightofthedreamer says:

    (The Chanel that is) <3

  3. bokeefe1226 says:

    Yes, that dress is impeccably chic. I wish I could see the front of it because the back is gorgeous

  4. Rsand501 says:

    Way to daring for my kind of wedding!

  5. casslavalle says:

    hell yes. i just blogged about it and said the same thing! it’s so chic and original!!

  6. acernoch says:

    Yes! To be quite honest that was the first thing I thought when I saw it. This post just made me so happy!

  7. antoniobarros says:

    I would not! But I would love to see my wife with it! :)

  8. readingsorcerr says:

    For a more refined-traditional wedding (with a string orchestra) I would go with the Calvin Klein Collection dress BUT for an avant garde look I would go with the Georges Hobeika dress.

  9. Emma59 says:

    I was thinking of a simple wedding dress to be more my style, but when I saw this one…well…I changed my mind. Now if I ccould only muster up a few bucks to buy that WONDERFUL creation!! :)

  10. RobChameleo says:

    Je pense que the Alexis Mabille and the Givenchy are super chic. very sharp contrast between a moderate lace and an extravagant embroidery. Therefore I would pick the Givenchy. I would get rid of the side pockets and change the shoes though

  11. RobChameleo says:

    and about the chanel dress….. well, beautiful and ornamented but maybe over-ornamented. just lose those weird black furballs and it will be fantastique

  12. Glam00700 says:

    Yes I too Love this Dress! I blogged about it when they fist showed the Chanel Couture Collection.

    Check it out!!

  13. faconable says:

    absolutely. the design is perfect. a halter top is very flattering to almost everyone. it emphasizes the shoulders or give you one. the black accents are perfectly placed to where they’re supposed to be. the black accent around the waist will define your shape or give you one. the black accents draw the eyes away from the backless design. the ruffles that continue to become a train actually create texture and volume, also, hide flaws. c’est archi-chic.

  14. menukjau says:

    Definitely the Givenchy, so much better than all the rest. Chanel dress (NO NO NO), over the top and bit gaudy. I wouldn’t wear it just because it’s Chanel.

  15. bella_sofia says:

    i am faconable.

  16. AAbram says:

    Either Dior or Lanvin for me….. My own dress was similar to Dior, so maybe I’d opt for a destination wedding in Lanvin.

  17. elenor says:

    yyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss who would nt

  18. Vawney says:

    It’s between the Chanel and the Lanvin for me!!! Love Love Love them both!!

  19. Da3izzGon3 says:

    OMG If you don´t have another wedding you will regret it…this dress is TO DIE FOR!!!
    I love it not only is it chic but it is GORGEOUS…!!!!

  20. Annore says:

    Wonderful dress!!!! luv it*

  21. januaryrobinson says:

    This isn’t a dress for the average woman. Its for women with model figures. So that leaves me out.

  22. tr_ro says:

    I love the Dior one…
    Where is your wedding dress? We would love to see it!

  23. tannlee80 says:

    Love, love the Chanel. Sexy and chic.

  24. edgar_20milla says:

    duh…!!! its so lovely…chanel rocks

  25. bella_gelosolutions says:

    glamorous and divine! a halter cut gives you a broad shoulder look or emphasizes the shoulders on others. the black accents are perfectly placed. on the neck, draws the eyes on the lovely bride’s face. on the waist, emphasizes the slimmest part of the body, also giving the waist a curvy cinch. details-the gathered fabric combined with the ruffles-c’est vraiment archi-chic! and finally, third black trim gives emphasis on the train.

  26. vintagefanatic says:

    I don’t even want to get married but if look 68 from the Spring 08 Valentino couture show came along, who knows?

  27. gina_jiang says:

    the dress and the hairstyle are both chic, and i love the eye contact of the model, a little cold but sexy.

  28. ChristianDouglas says:

    i would be marrying the dress also. its amazing. great story aso!!!

  29. bella_gelosolutions says:

    c’est vraiment archi-chic! this i would call a dream dress. black and white classic. the black accents draw the eyes body’s figure giving an illusion of an hour glass shape. the black accent on the waist gives it a gentle cinch, as well as it divides the upper body from the lower giving emphasis on the on the details below. the ruffles are brilliantly done tat it cascades into a train. great dress. a classic with a modern twist.

  30. gumbijusti says:

    If you change the black to the same off white then YES, in a heartbeat. The black turns the whole dress too casual for a wedding, and more for a red carpet event or ball.

  31. amandakatarina says:


  32. FeverCole says:

    Yes! I’ll ask Karl if he can change some details but absolutely!

  33. fasmodthalia says:

    oh, yes!! it’s AWESOME!! i just LOVE it!!

  34. fasmodthalia says:

    YEAH…!! i LOVE it!!

  35. Pandora2 says:

    As much as I would like a fairy tale wedding, its not in the cards for me. I hate the dress, the color, ruffles, and the horrible black that accents it. Very ugly and much too expensive!!

  36. jacs says:

    Yes, beautiful, but the whole Chanel collection has a vampiresque feel to it. Where is that crisp spring in Paris I love so much.

  37. 21hbehrens says:

    Yes, I mean. Anyone that knows the sheer brilliance of Chanel would want to wear this dress.

  38. VanityIsUnfair says:

    This is a very important and you can always use an opinion of a fashion student. I looked at the slide show of all your choiced and this is what I think of every piece. I am doing a blog post on number 7, it is my favorite. You can read it at

    1. Christian Dior: looks princess fairy tale wedding dress.

    2. Carolina Herrera: very suttle, doesn’t
    raise many question. all the attention will be on you and not the dress.

    3. Calvin Klein: beautiful looks like a night gown.

    4. Jean Paul Gaultier: this is probably what hannah montana would wear right now if she got married.

    5. Alexis Mabille: looks like a photo of something Vivan(Pretty Woman) would wear after her sophisticated transformation.

    6. Georges Hobeika: reminds me of alice in Wonderland. I just have one thing to say, please don’t wear this.

    7. Chanel: this is my favorite and you can find out how i really feel about this garment on my blog.

    8. Valentino: this head piece is breathe taking. its screaming Love.

    9. Yves Saint Laurent: i like this one, but its not pretty enough to wear for this occasion.

    10. Givenchy: this is another one of my favorites. I’m not to fond of the pants though.
    11. Chloé: this is just ugly.

    12. Chanel: i really like this too. Very classy, it says royalty.

    13. Lavin: gown minus the vail would be so pretty.

    14. Christian Lacroix: you would look utterly ridiculous..

  39. blee_sydney says:

    Yes this dress is so edgy yet chic and femminine. I would wear this to my wedding in a heart beat. I will always love the vanilla and black combo!

  40. kramer says:

    No, sorry I would not wear this dress at all!!!

  41. ainonatsu says:

    :-) Luvin’ it

  42. _Louise_ says:

    I would absolutely love to wear the halter gown by Chanel, at my wedding !

  43. hellyes says:

    its beautiful.

  44. LolitaJacobs44 says:

    It’a a very nice dress,but I wouldn’t wear to my wedding.Without the black it would be much better for a wedding,go for the givenchy one.It lookes better for a wedding.
    But this dress,is magnificent :).

  45. nikthechik says:

    BEAUTIFUL!!! for mine i would prefer a ball gown, but i can certanly appreciate a work of art

  46. konceited says:

    Yes I would totally rock this dress. This dress has its own identity. Beautifull, absolutely beautifull

  47. AliceA says:

    Oh my God, yes!!!!! Would lose whatever weight and work out forever just to get into that thing.

  48. piggyannie says:

    I would not want to marry in any of the dresses you have picked. Some of the dresses you have selected would make the bride “the laugh of the century” as she is walking down the aisle. While other dresses in the selections were too plain (like the Calvin Klein). A guest of the wedding might even out-fit the bride! And this Chanel dress? Well maybe, while the rosettes are beautiful, I wouldn’t want to wear black on my wedding day. AND to even think about wearing this dress bare-footed on a beach? What a waste of the beautiful garment on a sandy beach with lots of sand fleas crawling up on your legs and chewing up your beautiful Chanel! You might as well toss the beauitful dress after the ceremony.

  49. greenexorcist says:

    beautiful…but i guess it won’t just fit me…not my type of personality

  50. Linda01 says:

    It is beautiful, but for a wedding? Not so much.

  51. hellyes says:


  52. urbandamsel says:

    This dress is unbelievably gorgeous. It definitely is a dress of elegance, and breaking away from traditional gowns. I love it. I would wear it… no doubt about it.

  53. rfox227 says:

    Yes Yes Yes!!!

  54. costumeislife says:

    i’de wear the Calvin Klein, the Givenchy, or the Lanvin, or the Chanel. but the Givenchy is top for me. so simple but edgy.

  55. laceyneisen says:

    oh my god.i almost died when i saw the dior!it’s absolutely amazing!fit for a princess!and i totally agree that i want to see the chanel in the front because it is stunning, as well.

  56. live4fashion10 says:

    The open back style is gorgeous and fits with the look of the dress. Love it! :)

  57. dearbhlamck says:

    This dress makes me want to leave the f-a-b single life and get married. Gorgeous

  58. marnieryg says:

    buttercream delicious! I love it.

  59. joanna_c says:

    omg yes!!!
    Who wouldn’t?
    Its amazing, and very elegant and sexy!

  60. sexyshannon says:

    i wish i could see the front, too.
    but the back is hot. i would wear it w/ some adjustments. ;}

  61. anvadhya says:

    Beautiful dress… the ruffles just add to the beauty of this summer day.

  62. HAC0Y7 says:

    I would wear it just because its Chanel. I love it

  63. NotMod says:

    Sure! but only with that hat (with retractable veil) from Chalayan Spring ’07 and a necklace of Chama Lazarus (*) adrift on the back…

    * Note: it is a particular mollusk, I would like to think it was there in the malacology album reputedly used by Lagerfeld for some of his recent rarefied take on ruffles. [Seeing is believing:

  64. navare says:

    Yes, I would wear this, even better if it were a pale grey!

  65. Ariadne13 says:

    Yes, I love it!!!

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