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Yea, Nay, Or Eh: Gwen Stefani, Just A Girl In The Fashion World


Should we add Gwen Stefani to the mile-long list of Ann Demeulemeester fans? The singer, who is currently on tour with No Doubt, sported this chic update to her signature look while performing earlier this week in L.A. The graphic white and black palette, asymmetric jacket, and menswear silhouette nod to Demeulemeester’s recent collections, and the triple-lace boots look like they’re straight off the Belgian designer’s Paris runway. But we love how Gwen made them her own: the DIY-hemmed white tank, blue bra, and wallet chain are straight outta Orange County. Does it work? Or should she stick to the rasta-punk-ska style she’s known for?

Photo: C Flanigan / Film Magic



  1. drrtyjerz says:

    I wouldn’t say its her best, but its not bad at all. When you take great pieces and make them your own, you can never go wrong.

  2. scottjhnsn says:

    it’s better than a lot of the stuff i’ve seen her in. and i think chains and tank work well with ann’s style.

  3. BrookeRL says:

    I love it, gimme menswear inspired any day of the week.

  4. joelle1 says:


  5. vintagefanatic says:

    A sports bra with a jacket with cutouts where the pockets are supposed to be? No.
    She’d look better wearing that 14-buckle belt from the Fall 09 collection to cover up a bit more.

  6. soon2bmrsrjb says:

    I saw No Doubt in concert last month and Gwen was wearing this outfit. The entire band was decked out in black and white digs on the same white stage as in the picture. In the context, which is that of an alternative rock show, this outfit was more than fitting. For an outfit that could very well be swallowing for many she owned with the confidence of the person who was being cheered on by 15k+. In short, Yeah for bringing high fashion and NO Doubt Forward.

  7. hunner says:

    Here’s a wonderful example of an individual’s interpretation of what’s happening NOW.
    Inspiration rather than duplication

  8. michieperez says:

    Gwen is another women that i admire because she is also unique and you catch her always blending with the crowd

  9. heeheeimpink says:

    i love her look she rocks it!!!!!

    you go gwen!

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