August 21 2014

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Yea, Nay, Or Eh: Is It Leather Weather?


Sure, it was the slightest bit on the cool side last night, but was it nippy enough for a leather jumpsuit? Yes, according to Chloë Sevigny, who wore a tough-chic belted black leather jumpsuit to Proenza Schouler’s celebration of their A Magazine #9. In all fairness, it was a Spring look, shown last year on Proenza’s runway over a sleeveless white shirt. But in real life, the full-leather look worn in high summer gives us pause; thank God the humidity was low. (On a side note, it represents a bit of a silhouette shift for Sevigny, who, especially as of late, often covers up her arms in favor of showing her enviable gams.) Last week, for the Harry Potter premiere, Emma Watson also wore a Proenza Schouler leather look, this one a dress consisting of a black leather halter top and white leather bottom from the designers’ latest Resort collection. Though it’s still all leather, Watson’s look is a lighter and more fitting way to rock a skin in the summer, though of course we respect Sevigny’s talent for breaking fashion rules. Tell us what you think. Would you wear leather in July?

Photos: Jim Spellman / Wire Image, Sherly Rabbani and Josephine Solimene



  1. tr_ro says:

    I dont were they were, but where I live it would be impossible to wear leather

  2. Emma59 says:

    That leather really does not suit the weather. It does not look that good either. Maybe in a couple of months (fall), it might seem a little better. It just looks sticky and hot.

  3. Valerio says:

    Never wear leather in summertime, or it has to be a cold day. I sometimes think all the celebs call each other and make a deal of what to wear on whatever event. I know I’m wrong, but I couldn’t resist to say this. The main point is that a lot of celebs don’t know how to dress theirself. They need an stylist and their choices are very often totally wrong. I hope that whatever celeb will at the end find their own clothing choice and not depend on a socalled stylist, or it has to be an advice of André Leon Talley. Which has an exclusive and above all good taste. Arriverderci

  4. SalescoopCaro says:

    I love your comment about breaking fashion rules! Sometimes I get so sick of limitations that seem old fashioned. Although I love that she is daring, I do think that Sevigny’s look is a little out of place in this weather. Watson works it better with the light skirt.


  5. Valerie_B says:

    Leather in July? come on!! i understand they are trying to be different but it is more absurd!!!
    Both of them look horrible and ridiculous.. stylist choose more wisely!! you are making you clients look horrible!!

  6. xianshihencanku says:

    It is abosulotely cool,but not the correct time,I am afraid.

  7. michieperez says:

    Emma looks good with the leather and she makes it ok to wear it but the full body suit isn’t i’m sorry i would wear that more in the fall

  8. shoesgucci says:

    i like the girl

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  10. Ndau says:

    it greats on emma.. :)

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