July 25 2014

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Yea, Nay, Or Eh: Katy Perry, Out of this World?


Katy Perry might have kissed a girl and liked it, but we’re not too fond of the too short (at both ends) celestial-patterned tie-dye jumpsuit—accessorized with white-rimmed shades and a trio of neon bracelets—that she wore out shopping in New York yesterday. While eighties revivalism is a major trend, it’s hard to get right. What do you think, was Perry off-key or in the groove?

Photo: Splash News



  1. mdago says:

    I think Katy Perry’s style is extremely unique! She is one of few women who have their own sense of style and do not live off of trends. She is one of the biggest trend-setters, I believe.

  2. thecupcakeconspiracy says:

    hated it. like you said, too short on both ends.

  3. Valerio says:

    She’s neither off-key or in the groove because if she likes to wear this outfit, okay. In my view it belongs more on a beach then in the streets of NYC, despite the heat sometimes. It looks like a swim suit and isn’t trendsetting at all. About the accesssories, she also could choose some better ones then she wore during her shopping spree. So for me it’s a big NAY

  4. Rachii says:

    I love her sunglasses :)

  5. missminerva says:

    It’s the top end that’s bothering me. If she stands up straight, she’s doomed.

  6. si676744 says:

    wow good
    she is very pretty..
    uh…um,.. I prefer sexy style to suit style..

  7. dontlie86 says:

    could have been rocked with a jacket for a night out, otherwise too much tie-dye on too little material

  8. paty1505 says:

    I would definately wear it… with flat sandals, tights and that biker jacket from stella McCartney’s fall09. Katy just wasn’t so covered up!

  9. joelle1 says:

    There nothing wrong with the outfits the only thing is where do you wear this? Definitely not in NYC streets

  10. tanny12308 says:

    I think Katy Perry has a unique style that works for her…no matter what she’s wearing, she rocks it because its her own unique look

  11. ebarnes says:

    Uh. Negative. This is really not a good outfit. But hey you never know people might actually start wearing this stuff

  12. flightofthedreamer says:

    It dosn’t look bad but because she stands out people are going to say it does. I have to give my support to KP along with Lady Gaga for embracing themselfs. If you saw this on a runway instead of on her I bet you would think differently.

  13. krazee_beautiful17 says:

    I love her outfit… shortness and all!

  14. tr_ro says:

    Sunglasses off and then it will be ok!

  15. BrookeRL says:

    It’s got a great trailer trash asthetic going. Ya know, if that’s what you’re into. Burn the sunglasses.

  16. nic_chic says:

    few women can pull off such scandalous and kitschy looks like katy can… and i absolutely love her for it. maybe a little too uncovered but i think she looks great.

  17. ambassador_Butler says:

    I adore Katy Perry, for her rock hard style with a glamourous spin. In this photograph Perry looked dashing, while appearing relaxed in a tie-dye jumpsuit, with pop-art accessory’s. This look is calm, and conspicuous. Substantial for shopping trips.

  18. fashionosaurus says:

    acid wash romper by

  19. michieperez says:

    This outfit i can not picture in NY either but in California i can. Also Katy has unique sense of taste for what she wear its vintage and i love it!

  20. MeAndMarisa says:

    I second that she is a trend-setter actually. Case in point, I came to this site from a link on TrendCentral that showcases up-and-coming trends in everything, not just fashion. Cosmic Print? I give it a thumbs up

    -Andrew J

  21. kouturekouture says:

    Think the fit is cute for wht it is. However, it is too short on both ends. The glasses and the bracelets need to go; and the hair should have been pulled back off of her face.But I’ll give her a few points for trying!!!aND I HOPE SHE HAS ON FLATS!!

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