August 31 2014

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Yea, Nay, Or Eh? Lykke Li


Edie Beale isn’t the only one who can rock a turban. The evidence? Little Lykke Li, the Swedish songbird, at the Diesel:U:Music tour last night. True, the boots, hat, and silver jacket might not have been appropriate for the weather, which was as steamy as it gets, but it sure works as a total look in our book. What about yours?

Photo: Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images



  1. flightofthedreamer says:

    H-O-T!!! Go girl, she totally pulled it off.

  2. Emma59 says:

    YES! She looks so sleek with her turbin, mettalic jacket, boots, etc. She pulled it off! Very fashion forward!

  3. scottjhnsn says:

    she’s adorable. she does her own quirky,off-kilter thing and i appreciate that.

  4. Valerio says:

    You know what it is Laird, every singer, if it’s a he or she are trying to get attention. In winter they prefer to dress like it’s summer and the other way around. And above all they want to dress themself with extreme pieces of clothes. I really like that, but if they are fashionable is another story. I have sometimes the feeling that they pic up the clothes from their closet in a hurry. There are only a few singer/songwriters, who dress themself properly. Not their clothes but the songs are important. Okay I know it’s all showbusiness and if you are so unknown as this Swedish lady is YEAH you have to dress yourself up in a extravagance way to get a little attention. I have to admit the total look is fine, but you and I have seen this before, so it’s not heartbreaking. Arriverderci

  5. msdolce says:

    this look isnt bad yet doesnt stand out to me either

  6. hunner says:

    LOVE me some Lykke Li
    Her look is so fresh. She’s incredible live and her clothes are always a hot topic.

  7. shilifeng says:

    I am from china. I sincerely hope we can talk whatever make us happy “heart to heart”!

  8. NotMod says:

    Turban towel, why on earth not! Good to have a few folks far out thre trying anything out, so that (slightly) more cautious folks like myself can make their bets easier.

    One might ven be grateful for someone else’s ocassional gaffe… and turn their head away from a permanent source of eye sores. What other pretext for politenes might ever be needed?


    On to another matter: SPAM, folks! SPAM is worse: the kind of eye-sore that makes itself inescapable. You know who you are!

  9. heeheeimpink says:

    i think she rocks that outfit!! but thats my opinion i love her hat and p
    hand bag! but love the jacket the most!!

  10. scriptique says:

    I like it actually. Unfortunately it doesn’t look good on everyone (me included)

  11. dyingkings says:

    She looks great, also an amazing singer. Love the jacket!

  12. monikapoppy says:

    shes swede, thats yay all the way


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