August 31 2014

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Yea, Nay, Or Eh: Naomi Watts, Genie In A Bottle?


We have to give props to Naomi Watts for test-driving one of this summer’s trickiest trends, the jumpsuit, at the Giffoni Film Festival in Italy on Monday. The belted black all-in-one strikes a casual, “I’m not taking this too seriously” note that seems just right to us for a daytime photo call. But next time the red carpet pro should remember to take those hips-enhancing hands out of her pockets. Would you do anything differently? Heels, maybe?

Photo: Stefania D’Alessandro / Wire Image



  1. LadyWu says:

    This would only work on Nicole Richie and even then…. Naomi Watts is so lovely. This sartorial gaffe is surely exceptional. Yeah, I’m not sure even heels could redeem this cringe-worthy ensemble.

  2. shawanda says:

    I have to agree with LadyWu, up to a point. It doesn’t quite make me cringe but yeah it’s probably better left to someone wafer-thin and wearing heels.

  3. Emma59 says:

    It will have to be a no, only because it looks frumpy and big on her. If someone taller and thinner wore it, or even if she got that one tailored and wore heels with it, it would look better.

  4. tr_ro says:

    ughh definitely a Nay… There is too much black for somebody as pale as her and yeah like people said before, this should be left for somebody skinnier! and yeah, she needs high heels for sure, it looks like she was going to the supermarket or to the park with her kids…

  5. thirteen13 says:

    Maybe next time Naomi. This does nothing for your shape!!

  6. jkdarwin says:

    This outfit is meant for a day in the park – not the red carpet. Not a good length for anyone, even someone as attractive as Naomi. NAY!

  7. ckadkisson says:

    Plunging neckline at midday, unbecoming pants length that cuts her in half, and a below-waist band that would make Twiggy look hippy? Naomi is not dressing to accent her lovely figure. Worn in a smoky bar at midnight? Maybe.

  8. Jeanthief says:

    It’s all wrong. The neckline is unbecoming, the belt makes no sense, and the pant is just silly. Dropping the hemline to the ankle and heels would help.

  9. CRWilson says:

    The length is off-putting although the top is cute. And I agree with the author — get those hands out of your pockets! Nay!

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