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Yea, Nay, Or Eh: Rihanna, Independent Woman?


Rihanna celebrated the Fourth of July with some strategically placed sparklers—namely, sequined nipple covers that, in lieu of a real top, peaked out from under her black tuxedo blazer. While we appreciate the patriotic sentiment—and the singer certainly carried off the look with aplomb—we think a more subtle homage to the flag (a stars-and-stripes bustier, perhaps?) could have been just as sexy. What do you think? Was Rihanna’s lack of underwear an exercise in fashion independence, a fashion-forward nod in the direction of Fall’s lingerie trend (see Balenciaga, Alexander Wang, Givenchy, et al.), or does it infringe on the laws of good taste?

Photo: Flynet Pictures



  1. erinmccoll says:

    she would have looked hotter wearing the stars on her ears and just giving us a peek…this is TMI

  2. jgalinski says:

    Love her normally, but that is just tasteless.

  3. yumpopink says:

    this is awesome. Doubtful whether she meant it as social commentary but the absurdity of the outfit is nothing compared to the absurdity of nipples being generally regarded as the antichrist

  4. kawiline says:

    Definitely think there’s too much skin going on here. Although Rihanna WOULD be one to pull it off. My vote is for the bustier.

  5. victoriousv says:

    i love it!!! independent woman indeed!! very a la french style!

  6. penit says:

    Well since it is clear that Rihanna’s nipples are larger than her actual breast, I think she should have worn nothing underneath the blazer. Isn’t that what a French woman would have done?
    ( wink!) I am a 38F and if I would have worn this outfit people would not have considered it fashionable at all but trashy/slutty. Why do the flatties get to show everything and when they hold back (with pasties) is it considered chic?

  7. daniellebale says:


  8. bunnyfur81 says:


  9. LadyWu says:

    Taste infringement…

  10. lhunter says:

    Evokes Lil Kim. Not a good thing.

  11. acernoch says:

    if this were anyone else this wouldn’t even be a question. taste infringement is the obvious answer.

  12. linda_arnava says:

    she is very beautiful women. Her face is really beautiful, sexy body and usually she looks really good… but this time, these earings or what on her brest… :D looks awful.

  13. bryony1 says:

    Surprising a lover coming through door, OK, but too “out there” for public wear.

  14. kellystyle29 says:

    I think its balzy and a great way to cover up

  15. billszoka says:

    I usually do not care for her fashion sense. However, I think this looks fabulous on her. She has beautiful breasts. If they were big fake stripper ones, this would be gross. Also the perfect age to pull this off!

  16. Emma59 says:

    This is a no. That is not tasteful or fashionable. She looks like she just walked off stage at a burlesque show and then stole a man’s jacket to TRY to cover up her costume. No, NO, No.

  17. alexkallos says:

    gorgeous gal, but …fashion faux-pas! definately no, no, noh !;-)

  18. lailac says:

    I am not agreeing with this outfit whatsoever! whatever happened to fashion with a bit of something called class?

  19. Karensky says:

    Totally infringes on the laws of good taste and seems to invite those tough males who like their women dumb and naked…you would hope she learned something from the last incident

  20. yumpopink says:

    Considering that women’s bodies now have a multitude of functions (i.e. canvas for aesthetic statements) instead of just “sex-toy”, we have to stop assuming that just because a woman is showing skin, she is doing it for male attention. It’s the kind of thought process that invites stupid labels like “slut” and “whore”

  21. styleguru96 says:

    WOW! I mean i love Rihanna but i dont think we know each other enough for her to be showing me her boobs! It would have looked cute with a v-neck shirt underneath instead! I mean that would be classy but sexy at the same time.

  22. Ndau says:

    please.. if u wanna make a music video wearing this kinda stuff.. fine.. but for a celebration?? pleasee..

  23. bunnyloota says:

    nice nipple covers!! i have one similar to those from

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