August 28 2014

styledotcom When did we become so obsessed with butts, though?

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Yea, Nay, Or Eh: Vanessa Traina In Look One From Givenchy Spring ’09


We wondered if Spring’s S&M trend would have legs off the runway. The answer: Yes, if you have legs like Vanessa Traina’s. What do you think of her peekaboo Givenchy?

Photo: Eric Ryan / Getty Images



  1. tmonks says:


  2. candy says:


  3. liz_sydney says:

    i think it looks great- i love the cut-out look. but i guess it only really works on super-thin model-types.

  4. cedar_lea says:

    I love the shoes and skirt . . . . I’m Eh about the shirt. It seems awkward in a I can’t see the wearer sort of way that’s great on a runway but awful in person. If there was another type of fabric involved or a little more skin, or something that didn’t make her chest look like a gaping black hole, than it would be absolutely fabulous.

  5. masatosano says:


  6. CarolineRutland says:

    Nay from this crowd – she is lost in black bandages…All we see is feet and wraps. The dress should enhance the wearer.. not hold her together…

  7. risel213 says:

    Yea, yea, yea. She definitely pulls it off. And her mother’s Balmain jacket that day sent my heart aflutter too. What an impeccably dressed family…In other news: I am available for adoption, Ms. Steele!

  8. ShopVagabondNyc says:

    She is always looking fantastic, so easy, clean and to us, what a girl in her 20′s should be aiming for. Her bag is not right though.

  9. Gouveia says:

    so much yay
    it looks easy and very good on her
    i just dont know about the chanel bag

  10. sophiasimons says:

    Looks like the YSL logo…

  11. LadyWu says:


  12. Emma59 says:

    Yes, all the way! This is so sleek, znd chick. Really wonderful. Givenchy is wonderful!

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