August 30 2014

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Yea, Nay, Or Eh: What Do You Wear Under Oath?


Maybe the St. Lucia sun melted her cares away, but Amy Winehouse showed up for court in London yesterday looking a bit, well, unkempt in an ill-fitting Roland Mouret-knockoff suit, dirty ballet flats, and a ragged ‘do. Maybe that’s not so surprising, but the question is: What’s appropriate court attire? We’ve seen Michael Jackson, may he rest in peace, in pajamas and Courtney Love looking like she picked up the first things she found on the floor. Then there was Nicole Richie channeling Audrey Hepburn in an L.B.D., Jackie O shades, and Louboutin pumps facing DUI charges in 2007. Our favorite has to be Winona Ryder. Her ladylike Marc Jacobs dresses, prim cardigans, and cute headbands could very well have contributed to that not-guilty verdict. Any others we’re missing?

Photo: Neil Mockford / Getty Images



  1. crriemills says:

    i like the dress of eme!!! but it would be seasonal likeBack-to-Work Sale

  2. Valerio says:

    Dear Romney I can name a lot of socalled celebs which dress themself on a horroble way, just as you can do. Sometimes I think they have a total lack of respect for their fans or to people which adores them. Such ignorance can be deadly sometimes, and with Mrs Amy it’s just the matter. She was from the beginning not an fashion icon and looked if she bought her clothes at a bargain store, or a second hand store. But what she wore during the court hearing in London was more shocking then ever. This little lady should learn something about etiquettes. But okay I satisfy myself with the though she will never learn it in the short period she has to life with her lifestyle. Kind of an image problem caused by the use of to many alcohol and drugs?? If she is happy it be so, but I prefer artists Like Amy McDonald, Duffy and of course Laura Pausini. All this extreme behaviour isn’t good for her but also not for the kids who are her greatest followers. Ciao

  3. torontofashionista says:

    Martha Stewart arrived at court daily with her vintage brown Birkin… classy

  4. beenraz says:

    hey! its too simple and easy to locate, not a hot trendy. its just like whatever is commonly available.
    Bee Raz|

  5. MagalieNoebes says:

    Honestly, I think it’s a step up. Maybe she is a little unkempt, but lets just thank, whoever, that she didn’t show up wearing those same shorts, and bikini tops she was wearing almost her entire stay in St. Lucia. Her ballet shoes may be a little, questionable, but it seems like shes trying. All I’m saying it that it could be worse.

  6. RobChameleo says:


  7. tr_ro says:

    Ewwww she is so creepy! She should wear a straight Jacket (mental hospital clothes)….

  8. jatlh says:

    Well, considering what she been seen in during the past year or so I guess we shouldn’t complain too much. At least her belly isn’t hanging out and she made an attempt to clean up. It has been a while since this young woman has attempted anything with any effort except getting high.

  9. NotMod says:

    Sure it is a knockoff? Seeing the picture befre reading the comment, first thing that came to mind was: oh! this woman can get even a ‘proper’ look show HER off… Why not?

  10. Emma59 says:

    the suit by itself is not bad, but the way she accessorized it was horrible. She looks like she is wearing it with pajama slippers. It would look better with pumps, and if the skirt hit the knee. The top also needs to be more fitted. All-in-all, the suit means well, the way it is worn is another story.

  11. konceited says:

    She really needs a tailor. Not a good look, but then again I don’t think she has a “good” look

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